Friday, April 30, 2010 | By: Meety

All at once

'Hey Sheena, what a pleasant surprise!!' said Ronak. Although its been about 2 years since he deleted her number from his phone, it lay there imprinted in his mind, like the stone carvings on the walls of the temple he so loved to visit every often.

Sheena : Hi, how are you?
Ronak : Moving on.. how about you?
Sheena : Am doing good.. enjoying life..
Ronak : Good for you... so what made you call me after such a long time???
Sheena : Well.. Nikhil wanted to talk to you and since you've forbidden me from passing your number to anyone I decided to conference, you can hang up once you guys are done.. I'll just conference and keep the phone aside
Ronak : Oh ok.. Take care..
Sheena: Ok.. you too..

And she left, leaving him with Nikhil...
'Bye Nikihl, do drop in when you get time' he was in no mood to talk..

A strange feeling groped through his stomach and rose up to his chest .. 'NO!
NO NO NO NO WAY!! it took me almost 2 years to gather myself, I won't let a phone call ruin it all for me' he shouted and sat down. He ran his hands through his shaved head.. he was dizzy.. I need some rest.. maybe I'll sleep for some time.. he walked to his room and lied on his bed.. staring up the ceiling.. how I wish she'd come back.

Just then the phone rang, 'You didn't even ask me to come back you moron! You are always like this.. its always me.. am the one who always patches up.. I'm the one to say sorry always.. I thought you would've changed.. but look at you! You are still the same.. the cute little rascal that I've always loved' Tears rolled down his cheeks.. he couldn't believe she finally said what he wanted her to say since 2 years.. 'Baby am soo soo sorry.. I just thought you've moved on.. and didn't want to upset you. You know I need you don't you?? you know I can never say that to you..' 'Moved on?? I'm coming.. am coming over NOW and will slap you hard to let you know how well I've moved on'

He pinched himself to be sure it wasn't a dream. Man it wasn't, he ran down the stairs and rushed to the stores to get her favorite drink and the chicken to go with. I'll make it a special for her... to let her know how much I missed her... All at once he was staring back at the ceiling, he realized it was all a dream or was it just his imaginations running wild?? Whatever it was... it was nothing but real
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | By: Meety

The Story of Molty and Monty

All characters appearing in this work are existing. Any resemblance to real persons is purely intentional.

Once upon a time there was a very naughty but brilliant boy who never lived his life the way his parents wanted… he did not do anything that made his parents happy… then all of a sudden came a cool breeze in the form of his life partner and changed the way this boy lived… The life partner was the epitome of what love is.. what caring is… his life simply jumped into a different lane which was filled with love and respect and he started achieving his ambitions.. his dreams.. one by one.. He and his love lived happily ever after for many years… They shared their old age together and they became the envy of every couple in the word… The boy is Monty and his life partner is Molty.. This is the story of their life and their love
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | By: Meety

The lonely star

I was waiting for a rick to go home last night along with a friend. One of the rickshaws which was going in the opposite direction stopped and the driver asked me "Ekkada??" (where??)

As I opened my mouth to reply I noticed that there was just one star in the deep blue sky above me. I turned my head to look at the lonely star. "Why are you so lonely tonight? Did you fight with the love of your life? are you single like me? don't you have any friends?? or did they choose to stay back with their respective lovers and left you on your own today or did you decide to let them spend time together and be a loner??Is something bothering you?? do you also prefer to be on your own when you are upset?? hello.... you hear me??"

He chose not to answer and just winked a twinkle at me :)

By that time my friend had found a rick and managed to bargain for a reasonable fare... "Take care and Good night" I said to the lonely star as I jumped into the rick.

Back in the rick, my friend was all smiles and kept giggling though I wasn't cracking a joke :P. On enquiry she narrated an incident which happened right in front of me, but I failed to notice as I was too busy with the star

Rewind a little... "As I opened my mouth to reply I just noticed that there was just one star in the deep blue sky above me" well.. the rickshaw wala traced my gaze up to the star assuming I was pointing out to the location where I need to go.. he he.. The poor thing was soo frightened that he gave me one puzzled look and fled from the scene as my friend ran behind him.... but he was too horrified to stop ;-)