Monday, August 29, 2011 | By: Meety

Square peg in a round hole

She picked up the triangular peg, and tried to fit it into the round hole.. not working.. she frowns and turns it to another angle, and tries to push it in again.... no luck... another angle.. and still not working...  She looked around and found the remaining pegs, she picked up the square one this time, though it did go a little in, a part of it was still sticking out ... she knew something was wrong.. she tapped and turned and tried... and failed again.. she tried another shape which wouldn't fit in either.. I thought she would give up this time around... she luckily picked up the round one this time... she had that smile of satisfaction as she slid this one into the hole.... as I watched my little niece play this simple game... another thought crossed my mind...

Finding true love is just like above. When we start liking someone, we feel they are the right one for us. We presume that we would fit perfectly into each others lives. As we get closer to that person, we realize a lot of differences, which would lead us to the fact that we in fact do not fit into each others life. Some people give up in life, at the first sign of incompatibility or break up. Others move on and search for the right one, going through the entire ordeal again and maybe sometimes over and over again. 

Some of us, try and fit into the wrong hole, expecting time to fill in the gaping holes in the relationship. Some others expect themselves or their partners to change slowly with time and mold  into the  desired shape. That hardly works most of the time.. and more often, some would prefer to convince themselves that things are fine... Finally there are the kinds, who do not lose hope, and continue to work on their pursuit of love. They succeed in the end, and they do find that one person who would fit in perfectly, into their life.... as a part of their life.

I know a lot of people who ridicule others who keep trying for that perfect person. They mark them as fools, who doesn't seem to learn their lessons despite the pain each break ups inflicts on them. They are  are termed as non-adjusting and considered to be people who hold themselves in high regard. I personally regard such people with high esteem. 

At least they do not get into a relationship expecting themselves or their partner to change over time. I admire their passion for true love.. and their trust in that person whom they have not yet met... I know there is genuine love and trust in other cases as well.... but there is an undefinable feeling that makes my heart flutter when I see such people succeed in their quest for true love... Sigh!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | By: Meety

Turn around and look back

She turned and looked back... and watched as the distance between them grew... as the vision of his image slowly diminished.. she watched until he was just another spot of dust in the air. 

Not a great sight to see, and you know it hurts, but still you keep doing it. Every time we physically move away from our loved ones, be it your parents, siblings, friends or lover we always tend to turn back and watch them until they are too far to be recognized. It is a human tendency to turn back and look at people, at places and even trace back through the memories and think about times gone by. I've always tried my best to stop myself from doing it.. but each time.. subconsciously I end up doing the same. Its not just me, I have seen a majority of people doing the same act of losing your mind and scanning the distances trying to recognize your loved one's among the moving spots across the distance.

I've often tried to figure out the reason why I or for that matter anybody does that. Was it because of the uncertainty... the fear that this might be the last time you would be seeing each other ?? Well.. quite not, cuz most of the times, I would very well know when I would be meeting the other person.... Is it an act to try and re-live the moments just spent ?? or is it to just see your loved one's to your hearts content?? Well I have absolutely no clue at all.... though...Each time I do that, I have a mixture of emotions churning in my heart, feelings that are completely alien to me at other times, and they do disappear pretty fast, as you turn your attention to other things, like checking out the cute guy sitting across the isle ;-)

Whatever it is,  I still haven't figured out the reason behind this looking back habit of me of many such people like me. Neither have I been able to decipher the assortment of emotions that gushes in as I do that. I try my best but in vain to stop myself from doing that. But time and again I keep repeating it, over and over again.... 

Any thoughts?????

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 | By: Meety

A letter to a smartphone

I so envy you, you flat faced palm-sized twerp. What is it about you that takes away all her attentions on me? I still remember the day she peeped into my soul and dropped those pebbles of love inside, whispering sweet thoughts of love and life and what not. She said I, and our love will be the most important thing in her life from then on.

Ever since you busted your way into our lives things changed. Gone are those days she used to jump around and pull me out just because she was bored and she had nothing else to do. And she doesn't seem to lose her way at all these days; how I used to love it when I used to guide her whenever she lost her way to places! I always loved to be the one to help her when she was in need and it always made me feel so special. And now, YOU seem to be with her everywhere, every time,  helping her with anything and everything, and now I happen to be someone who needn't bother about it.

How I hate to envision you sleeping besides her, sharing the same pillow, feeling her so close that you can actually get the sweet smell of her. Do you know how it hurts when I know you see her undress in front of the mirror?I hate it when she kisses and strokes you, and holds you too close for even air to pass through, on the pretext of kissing her loved ones. I hate it when she laughs at all the silly gimmicks, of your stupid Talking Tomcat. With you around, she seems to be even networking while we watch movies. She is always so into you... she hardly pays me any attention even when I am talking to her, but with you ,she seems to be all ears deepening and confirming my thoughts that I seem to have taken a backseat in her life.

Well I should be the one to be blamed. Had I not introduced you to her, she would still be my sweet girl, pulling me off and hugging me tight, singing out loud, dancing her heart out, calling me up saying 'Am lost :-('. Playing wii games and watching movies. Well darling, enjoy while you can, cuz I will murder you sometime soon, and I'll see to it that I will never ever introduce her to any of your kinds.

Your end is nearing...