Thursday, February 25, 2010 | By: Meety

2012 Dooms days - Who will save us??

Ever since the release of the movie 2012, quite a few mails have been flooding our mailbox on various theories that would narrow down on one point - 2012 all life on earth would come to an end!!

When one such mail was forwarded to the offshore team by one of the my teammates, we decided to sit and talk over it.

The single and but not ready to mingle Bal Brahmachari of the team was taken aback by the prediction. 'No way.. thats just 3 years from now :-( You know what? Am planning to get married in another 6 months. That way I will be married... would have known how it feels to get married and will not have to live long enough to bear with the tantrums of my so called wife'

The married lady in the team decided to postpone your family plans until 2012- Incase we survive.. then I will have babies post 2012 -- Not a bad idea

The doting daughter said "I'm really happy about that! Atleast I needn't leave my parents along back here. We will all die together, if not who will take care of them when am gone??"

But.. the heights of it all was our very own saviour who stunned us all with his opinion on the so called 2012 dooms day

"Its all crap! As long as Brahmins are alive on earth nothings going to detruct our world. So chill guys"

We were too stunned to react. At this age where science is ruling the world, when you are an educated man, you are sticking onto these age old superstitions?? I couldn't control my laughter so I rushed out, laughed to my hearts content and got back to my seat. I'm sure most of my teammates would have gone through the same thing.

On a serious note, I pity such primitive minds who still delve on the supertitious therories which were nothing but a bunch of lies which were used as weapons against the so-called Ignorant people in the society for the attainment of power and position.

So all you people out there.. now you know "who" should be besides you for you to survive the 2012 disaster.. don't you??
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 | By: Meety

Angels do exist!

This one's dedicated to 2 little darlings I met. This incident happened a few days back. In order to calm my brooding mind I set our for a walk all by myself. The long and lonely walk did nothing but dampen my already dimishing spirits and so I decided to walk back home.. maybe a lil bit of browsing might help.

I decided to turn around and walk back... 15 minutes later as I passed by 2 little girls. They called out to me "Akka.. Akka.." Looking at their shabby clothes I thought they must be one of those roadside kids who pester you for money. Thinking about the bad experiece I had with one of those kids I decided to walk fast and not stop. I could hear them running behind me and calling out for me.. as they drew loser I started digging my bag for change. Just as they reached me the 2 of them said with a happy smile "Hi Akka". Now that was something that I didn't expect. I smiled back and said "Hi!!" .

As the kids slowed down and started walking alongside me I felt a sudden tide of relief swept through my mind, clearing all sad thoughts within me. All of a sudden I started feeling happy, feeling good... as though the sadness in me was just sucked out .. I felt as though they were my guardian angels :)  

Li’l Angels : “Meeru ekkadakki velthunaru akka??” (where are you heading to)
Me           : Shilpa park nana (Shilpa park baby)

They told me they were heading for somewhere close by to my place and they were happy that we’re going to walk together for some more time. Then they started talking.. they spoke about school, dance, fun, PT, holidays…. Like a new found friend from school even I was totally enjoying the conversation as I told them how even I used to hate homework’s and how good I feel about those one day off’s we get in between school owing to bandh/hartal (these days I guess Kerala students get more of those holidays than what we ever had).

As we went on a on about things little did we realize we’re reached that turning point of this beautiful journey where we had to part ways. The older of the two pointed towards a cute little house and said “Ade ma illu” Daz our home. They younger one was in no mood to stop her non-stop chattering. We stood there and spoke for a few more minutes until the older one reminded the little angel that she shouldn’t forget that they’d gone to the market to get rice. Their Mom must be waiting for them to start cooking.

At that note she looked at me smiled and said I need to go now. I smiled and said yes I know. Since I had the habit of carrying chocolates in my bag, I took out 2 and gave it to those kids. The kids were overjoyed. Little did they know that this was nothing compared to the joy they gave me in the lonely road that I walked carrying the heavy burden of sorrow in my mind. I was just looking for a little bit of happiness and they gave me a shower that drenched me in happiness.

I do not know their names, neither do they know mine. Yet they managed to carve a special place in my heart. Each time I think of them I feel good about myself. Somehow they managed to make me feel special at a time when I was feeling completely low, lost in life. I haven’t met them after that day, but am looking forward to see more of the lilttle angels. God bless them!!
Friday, February 5, 2010 | By: Meety

A bad start ..a bad end

Alarm… snooze.. alarm.. snooze… alarm… it must have gone for more than an hour cuz my alarm finally ceased to ring.  Then I woke with a start and looked at the time. ‘Oh shit! Am already late’ I had to rush with the very little amount of time I had in hand L .

While getting ready to office I could hear my phone ring.. I rushed to pick it in case its my Mom.. she always gets tensed if I don’t pick up in 3 rings… J Damn.. it was my lead calling for me…  with the beginning of the day already foiled .. I was in no mood to make him the first person I talk to. I slowly silenced my mobile and went back to getting ready.

I rushed for the ricks and finally got one.. I was glad I didn’t have to wait for long. Little did I know about the delay this man was about to cause.. as I got down at CT and handed over the money.. ‘Madam change nahin hai!’ I was like no.. I don’t really have the time.. but our dear young boy was not willing to let his passenger leave without giving her proper change….  He made me wait for 10 minutes.. as he went about asking for change. Finally he came with the change and a sweet smile in his face.. that did help me lighten my moods.

In office..  though I did not expect things to be better.. I prayed it was fine.. but no.. I was asked to work on something really important which was supposed to be delivered by.. well the deadline was ASAP I put all my heart to it and gave it in no time only to realize the person who was in need of it would be in only after 3 hours… that JERK had called me up in the morning to ask me to do this idiotic thing which was needed only by 3.
Things got even worse by evening as someone pointed out that 12,000 Euro’s were missing in some dirty calculation in my report. I screwed my brains and the poor report for 2 hours, and still couldn’t find out where this 12,000 Euro’s was supposed to have disappeared… only to be informed by the useless user that she had deleted that particular record the previous night and forgot about the same when she ran the report… aaah.. man I was rather glad to hear the news.. no sorry.. no apologies.. jz an FYI..

It didn’t stop there.. night time when I was packing up.. another hero pings me and asks me to look into something.. I said I was leaving for the day.. and the reply comes.. Go home and login and ping me the details….  I reached home. Logged in.. only to discover that the hero in question has left for the day .. Height of irritation I must say.. I was so pissed with the entire set of events that happened today.. that I decided tomorrow am not going to snooze the alarm.

May God almighty help me stick to my decision!!