Tuesday, May 25, 2010 | By: Meety


She winced as she stared back at the wound.. still bleeding . It might leave a scar a very ugly scar!! Oh! how will you live with it my dear??
She smiled back, I do not really know but I know I have to live with it, I only hope it fades with time

She's always loved her smile, there was something calm and soothing about it. It was like a blissful showers on those cruel summer days. How could she smile like that with something so painfully grotesque??  If only she could do something to help her. She'd always been there when she needed her. with that sunshine of a smile which always gave her all the strength that she needs. through all time.... celebrated her triumphs with her, brooded all her worries with her, buried all her secrets in her, and even when she ignored her, always stood there waiting for her.

If only I could do something, I've never ever done anything for her. I've always been selfish and jealous of her, her smile, her serenity, her loyalty. I always felt distraught that she was what I've always wanted to be and never ever could be. Will you be able to hide it from others?? I just hope it fades with time

She smiled her invincible smile : If I could hide it from you all this while then why not others?? You were with me all the while and you never knew until I showed you... I was within you, a part of you and you never knew.. Why don't you understand my dear that you are me and I'm you???

She stared back at the scar... and now she felt the pain... so rightfully hers... If only she had felt it earlier she could have stopped it from growing so deep gnawing onto her thinning soul...She had been busy chasing on those wordly pleasures .. not even once did she think about her And then She knew... that the pain would finally race away and the scar would finally fade away...   now that she finally knows...
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | By: Meety

She made my day

All through these years I've know a lot of people who waste their entire life chasing happiness and setting goals which would make them happy. Is happiness something which can be defined or do you think it can be  achieved when a certain someone comes to your life or a certain something happens in your life?? There were times when people asked me What makes you happy?? well actually I don't really have an definite answer for that.. my happiness do not have a predefined set of rules.. I'm someone who finds joy in the minutest of things.. sometimes something happen and I feel happy...  it might come across as a silly things to others.. but being so I have had my fair share to feel happy every now and then :)

Enough of boring philosophies and lets get to the point. Aadi if you are reading this.. today I missed my cab and something nice and sweet happened :) . As you said something's really got to do with me missing my cabs. Hey lemme just fast forward the set of events and make it short and sweet just like the experience. I walked past the security gate and went through the usual security checks and headed for my building. The security lady came running behind and stopped me. Then she was like 'Madam can you get me any old handbag of yours if you can??'  I didn't even think twice before I said 'Sure, but why old?? why not new??' It is impossible for me to put down into words what exactly I felt that moment.

Our interactions were always restricted to a  smile and a usual Good Afternoon wish which is at times followed by a 'Had your lunch??' question. We don't even know each others names.. even now..  I felt so good that inspite of the lack of a deep friendship, she did feel close enough to ask me a favor. I felt like somwhere deep down she considered me as a friend and I always feel good when I make friends!!
So this weekend I will shop for a nice bag for the lady and maybe I might write another post on how good I felt when I gave her that bag and yeah now that we are friends... it is a shame not to know each others name so I will definitely close that loop as well :)

So bye for now and have a great day guys!!
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | By: Meety

Office Stationery to the rescue

It was just another lousy weekday morning. To add on to the misery,  I missed my cab as well. After bargaining enough with the money minting Rickshaw wala's I finally got myself a good deal and jumped into the rick before I ended up melting in the hyderabadi heat.

As I reached my office I was excited to see a friend at the gate. 'Hi!!!' I said and jumped out in a hurry... 'Hi!!' she said followed by a RRRRIIIIP sound and there goes my slit up 2 inches above the required level. The rickshaw wala looked up and said 'tumhaara kurta phata hai' (as if I didn't know).  With an embarassing grin I looked back at my friend who was gaping at my new stylish avatar. With a meeting in another 15 minutes I knew i didn't have the time to go back and change and come. Moreover the kind of people I get to deal with I was sure even a near death accident narration would stop them from pointing fingers at me for missing such a worthless important meeting.

I covered the extra lenght of the slit with my handbag and rushed up to the floor probing my already disturbed mind as to how to cover my modesty. An idea struck me and as they say an Idea can change lives; well this idea save my day if not change my life :) Back in the ladies room I sent my draw keyes to my friend through a colleague and asked me friend to get the rusting peice of stationary for me. She bought it, the hardly 100 bucks peice seemed a millions dollars worth to me at that moment. I took the precious peice of metal and plastic in my arms and started working on the fixes that I intended to do, though I wasn't sure if the end product would be what I had desired.....

I fipped my kurta over and and stapled my way up the loose stitches and created like a perfect line of stitches running through the garment with the perfect finish that would put even Ritu Kumar to shame. Viola!!! in another 5 minutes time I was standing there right in front of the mirror staring back at the cute girl in her cute kurta, slits in place with a perfect fit. With a smile and 7 minutes in hand, I hurried over my touch ups and rushed to the meeting room right on time.

So people, though office stationeries are the least used items in the current era of "soft copies", I would ask you to keep these aside so that you can put them to better use in such crunch situations.
Friday, May 7, 2010 | By: Meety

I Wish

I wish I could hold your hands and feel the need to be yours.

I wish I could sink into those oh so deep eyes of yours
I wish I could spend the entire day just listening to the soulful voice of yours

I wish I could go to the beach tonight with you
Lie down on the sand and stargaze with you
I wish I could stay the whole night awake with you
Fly up to the moon and watch the earth with you

I wish you could hear all that I want to say
I wish this distance between us would disappear some day
I wish you would come along n whisper that forever with me you will stay

Thursday, May 6, 2010 | By: Meety

Mistaken Orientation

Well well.. what would you think if you get to witness a head on collision of two individuals who are in a hurry to catch their cabs??? What if it were two girls?? I presume you would feel sorry for the two and check if any were hurt.. thats what I would've done.. But the onlookers at the said arena let their imaginations run wild... Thanks to the grapevine I got to hear a few think we were going around My so called innocent friendship, daily morning hugs with this like minded friend has fuelled the already corrupted minds of the sad people around me!! ROFL ... I so much pity those bigoted species who are supposedly working in a corporate world where such notions are best left upon the shelf!!

How could they talk like that about someone who finds John Abraham extremely hot?? about someone who went mad at the sight of Will Smith's butt in Hancock?? How can they talk like that about someone who finds Surya extremely irresistible and goes weak in the heart each time he looks at his object of love with those roving eyes?? Someone who's the first to notice and inform her friends about 'the new cute guy in the floor' oops!! did I say too much??? Isn't that enough to prove that I'm as straight as an arrow??

As for all you clodhopping gossip mongers, say whatever you feel to your hearts content cause it makes me feel am famous.. after all gossips are always made on the famous... I'm thrilled to know am the new celebrity :)