Thursday, November 7, 2013 | By: Meety

Because... it was always meant to be

She broke away from her spell with the star studded midnight sky and let her gaze rest upon him. His face was as radiant as the rising sun. His eyes were a reflection of the millions of hopes n promises of a lifetime of happiness.

She still remembered the day she hesitantly took that big step and agreed to be with him for the rest of her life. He seemed to be so different from her back then. She was even afraid if she could ever fall in love again. She was angry at him back then, even when she had plainly rejected this proposal of love he had dared to go ask her parents for her hand in marriage.

'I can never feel for you the way you want me to' she'd told him.

'Yes, you can... And I am willing to patiently wait for that day.. No matter how long you take. I know you've suffered alot in love. I know how difficult it is for you to trust someone and fall in love again.... You only have to start trusting me.. The rest will fall in place in time....and I will put an end to all your sufferings. Can't you even give it a try??‘ He’d replied.

'A known devil is better than an unknown angel' was what her friends had to say.

'Alright let him keep waiting for things that will never happen' her heart said.

It was difficult, it took a toll on her patience, but slowly somewhere down the lane, and life started changing. Somehow with time, things started falling in place. She started liking everything about him, even the things she used to hate before. There was fresh new charm in him which she never noticed before. He slowly turned out to be everything that she ever wanted. He was as compassionate as a friend, as patient as a mother, as encouraging as a father. Her life now is a poetry which was beautifully penned by him.

She looked at him fondly and stretched her hands. He pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

And in the warmth of the embrace as she watched the platinum disc of the moon she realized with relief... That at last she has found her platinum day of love...
This post is part of the Platinum Day of Love contest in IndiBlogger.

Platinum for me is as unique and special as that moment when you realize you've found true love.

The happiness and the radiance within you can only be represented by a metal as radiant and as special as platinum.