Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | By: Meety

A friend for all seasons

Beep beep went her mobile and she stirred in her bed... her lazy hands were searching for her phone.. her half open eyes strained to read the message she just received..

It read
"I know your lazy hands are trying to pick d cell and ur half open eyes are trying to read the message.. Good Morning My Sweet lazy friend getup and please make sure you have your breakfast !"

She smiled.. who else knew her more than him.. her friend for all seasons.. He has always been there, be it the joyful summers, the rejuvenative springs, the melancholic autumn or the lonely winters.
As she woke up and looked at the rising sun she teased him "Don't you envy me for being blessed with such a wonderful friend??"
Friday, March 19, 2010 | By: Meety

Quite a weighty issue

I will be going home in another 3 weeks time. As usual am worried about the extra baggage of fat that I've been carrying around myself which has done nothing but grow over the past few years. Its not that I'm obese or something but over the past few years I have drastically moved from an athletic built to a round couch potato.

So today we had a round table conference on the new upcoming project.
Project Weight loss
Client in question: myself and Gaj(another round friend)  :-)
As I put forth my list of business requirements, the Business analysts were ramming their brains to come up with a solution plan.
A : You know I noticed that you laugh a lot, I think that can be one of the reasons why you gained so much. I know quite a lot of people who laugh a lot and they are all very fat.. . maybe daz one of the reasons...Try not to laugh for a few days... Am sure you will lose a lot
Me : Quite a tough thing to do, forget about few days I can't even think about not laughing for the next few minutes :-) (ROFL)
B   : Drink a lot of water.. that should do the tricks...
Me : I'm already on that
C   : (The most hilarious suggestions of all) I have noticed.. that people who have a lot of jealousy in them.. grow really thin.. The jealousy within will start eating on you.. and gradually you keep losing and you start looking ill
Me : Oh!! in that case I need to start getting jealous... quite a simple solution. I just need to stop feeling jealous when I slim down to a desirable level... ;-)

On our way back to our seat me n Gaj was busy discussing on how to get our project into action.. At any cost we need to meet the deadline of 3 weeks time.  We need to find a target to concentrate our jealousy on. We ruled out all our friends from the list, as we were worried if jealousy might leave some drushti on our sweet and caring friends.

Here is a portion of a conversation we had after we got back to our seats :-)

Gaj: heroine I got jealous

Gaj: I went to nishi and I got jealous and came back

Gaj: U know Nishi and her husband both are under Viru sir he is their coach

Me: oh cool

Me: but he is not that great a coach

Me: so u need not be J

Gaj: now nishi's husband will get jealous as he is not good like her and Viru sir will give more importance to her than him

Me: rofl

Me: right

Me: and he will lose all the wt

Gaj:  so now we should be jealous of him
Me: rofl, bwn even I just got J when Ramz said she'd be joining swimming classes
Gaj: Oh
Me : Yeah you know what? its really working, I'm burning with jealousy and the heat is burning the extra calories.. am sweating already !! I sure am growing thin ROFL
Gaj : too much!! lol
Jokes apart, I'm in a serious mission to burn a few calories before I run into my Mamma's arms as I know when I hug her, she's sure to feel and measure the thickness of the amount of fat that has deposited around me since my previous visit!
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | By: Meety

Mute listener

She picked up the phone but didn't utter a word. After 1 minute which seemed almost like an hour for me I tried to break the silence
Me : Hello, were you sleeping?
S   : No... I was just... I could hear silent sobs at the other end.  I knew it, that man has hurt her again, as always
Me : What is it this time?
S   : I don't really know, I asked him something, I didn't shout. I asked him so politely and he burst out on me
Me : ... ...
S   : I have a sincere advice to you, please please pray to God and see to it that you get married to someone who understands you and someone whom you understand. This is all that matters in a relationship. I swear, no money, no job matters as much . My guy has all the money in the world and he has the best job I can boast on, but when it comes to my relationship its a BIG failure.
Me : hmm.. 
S   : Just a little bit of love, daz all I ask for. I don't want him to shower me with money, I don't mind if we live in a small house.. as long as he understands me, as long as he loves me.
Me : He loves you, I can vouch on that
S   : What is the use? He has never ever made me feel so... if not always once in a while can't he show a lil bit of love? I feel am nothing but a maid in this BIG house, someone to do the dishes, someone to cook, wash clothes..
Me :  Thats not true and you know that.. just try talking to him and let him know that this is what matters
S   : As though he would understand
Me : There's no harm in trying..
S   : .Daz right.. Will talk to him tom, let me try and catch some sleep now..bye,  take care dear, and remember, its the person that matters the most in marriage than money or status
Me : I know bye.. Plz take care will call u tom

A tiny droplet of tear trickled down my cheeks and fell on the bed, I watched it as it slowly spread over the sheet and finally disappeared. How I wish her problems would vanish like that She is one of the sweetest ladies I've met in my life. Though we are generations apart, we share a special bond with each other. A special understanding for each other, a special friendship that I always treasure.

Life is so unfair. All that she wanted from her man was a little bit of love, but he showered her with everything but love.  She has spent her entire life giving love to everyone around her without expecting anything in return. For the first time, when she sets her expectations, why is it that it is not met ??? Why is it that its always the good people who has to be at the receiving end? ? I'm so so disappointed when I see genuinely good people go through such agonies in life :( 

I wish I could do something... but all I did was be a mute listener as that was what she always wanted me to be.
Monday, March 15, 2010 | By: Meety

Arm chair

Just another day in office. Due to some port issues a colleague was asked to sit in another location. Since madam was sitting quite far off, we decided to walk over and fill her up on all the nasty things she's been missing that day.

As we were puking out the entire mess ups to her I stretched my arms for an empty chair which I'd seen on my way. I tried to pull but it wouldn't move. I held the arm of the chair and tried pulling harder while laughing at a joke. The chair didn't even move a bit. As I put a firm grip on the chair I noticed it was exceptionally soft. Ooh nice chair! Wish I had one of these at my desk as well. I turned back to see if it looked as nice as it felt.

To my horror I saw that what I thought to be a chairs arm was in fact a guy’s arm which was resting over the chairs arm. Yikes! I was petrified. I just hoped and prayed that mother earth would open up right there and swallow me exactly like how she swallowed Sita devi. Without having the courage to even apologize I tiptoed out of the bay and back to my seat praying that I never ever end up in front of that guy for the rest of my life.

Of course later I was double up with laughter as I narrated the "Oh such a nice chair" episode to my friends. Lessons learnt?? well... not any .. any suggestions??
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | By: Meety

I shall grow my brows ;-)

For the past few months I have been teased and linked with a Mr X at my work place. 
During the initial days although we used to tease Ms Y with Mr X, for her keen observation, come on, how can you notice someone's been looking at just one person, without you observing him so close?? She finally chose another person for herself and left me with Mr X.  I was neither happy nor sad with that but I must admit all of us had been having quite a lot of fun over it.

So finally after these many days of fun, we just came to know that our lucky Mr X, will not be seen in the floor for another few months as he was going away for awhile.

The drama queen in me jumped into action "I'm gonna miss him sooo much " (Followed with a very sad expression in my face ;-)) They were pretty shocked at it.. one of them the most innocent in the lot panicked. "We were just teasing; you aren't taking it seriously are you?" I said with a more serious tone in my voice "It must be a joke for you but not for me.. the other day I happened to look into his eyes and I had butterflies in my heart " Having said that I had to rush out from the place and find a safe place where I could laugh out. Good lord I couldn't believe I could deliver such oh so romantic lines.. lol

As I continued to torture the people around me, one of my witty friends quipped, "If you were a guy you could've grown a stubble to get the Devdas look" to which I replied "Not a problem babes, You see, While guys look shabby when they don't shave, girls look the same when they don't thread, so I might as well grow my eye brows and not thread my brows until my hero(lol) is back to let him know how heart broken I were in his absence.. " sniff sniff

FYI: I'm planning to get my eye brows done this friday while my beloved will be busy settling down in the new place.. Ah! how I miss you dahlin!!   ;-)
Monday, March 8, 2010 | By: Meety

Happy Women's Day

On this special occasion on women's day I would like to write a few words on all the wonderful and outstanding women in my life in the order in which they stepped into my life

P.S. : A looooong post ahead....

God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers
Believe it or not but the above Jewish proverb holds true in my life. My mother, the most beautiful woman in my life is no less than God to me. I've always been anything but proud to have her in my life. Mom you really don't know how much I adore you and the things you do for me without expecting anything in return. Mom, all my life I've been trying to be like you, and I know how hard it is to be so patient, so forgiving and so full of love. Today on women's day I ask for nothing but your happiness and you know I'm striving hard for it. Mom I love you so much and I owe you my entire life and I will lay my life for you if I have to.

An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too. 
Oh yes my sister is all of this and more. Someone who always found me pretty even when I'm just back from my sports practice tanned and dirty.Someone who's kept her happiness beyond mine. How many a times had she sacrificed the best dress, or the best piece of chicken ;-) just to see me happy. Someone who decides to go shopping for herself and ends up buying stuffs for her sisters and forgets to get one for herself. Someone who's my worst critic.. lol how I hate it when she tell me I look fat in that top when others would have passed a nod :-) Though I agree I feel disappointed, I know I can trust you to choose only the best for me. So today Echi, I want you to fill your heart with joy and look out to the world  and see yourself wrappedin a blanket of happiness, cuz if you see it in your eyes, I'm sure you can hold it in your hands.

Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.

Yes baby mine, thats all I got to tell you on Women's day. Though your entry into my life was filled with jealousy and insecurities, the bubbly little baby with beautiful smile and lovely eyes just drained the insecurities out of my heart. I learned to share with all my heart. If not for you I wouldn't have known how much Echi felt for me, cuz I know it is just like what I feel for you. So now I wish my little girl good luck in your studies and grow up to be a wonderful and respectful woman.

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.

Oh yes Shalini, I'm pretty sure you expected me to mention you in this post darling!! How can I talk about the most important women in my life and not mention you?? I would like to make this short, as I'm planning for a future post which would be all yours, so baby I just want you to know that I need no other friend in my life as long as you stick to me as always. We've been together for more than a decade and neither distance, not time has done any damage to the amazing comfort zone that we share with each other and I know its going to be the same forever. Love ya loads muuuuuuuah

You’re more like a sister than a sister-in-law, we’re as close as two friends can be. I want you to know, this comes from the heart, how much you mean to me.
No words can explain what this pretty lady bought to our lives. She is the thread that joins the entire family. The patient soul who always takes pain and gives love in return. One lady who made me realize how important it is to express your love for your loved one's. Someone who jumps with excitement just at the sight of an sms or a call from me. Someone who's always amused me and keeps me wondering if am I worth all the love she has for me.. So jambloozie Edthu pie!! on women's day I wish you good health and the strength to overcome all the hurdles in life.  oink oink ;-)

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth..
Sajini Mathew: My mentor in the new organization. We started off with a mentor-mentee relationship and I never expected it to end up in such deep a friendship. One person who actually shouts at me on top of her voice.. lol  "Sigma! What have you done to yourself???" even it is something like that I never feel bad or sad or angry when she shouts .. lol Be it a bad haircut, a clumsy piece of code or a nice shirt, I know I look my best when she tells me you're looking good. I know I'm looking awful when she tells me .. Genie, I just want you to stay the same bubbly self and keep smiling!!! Cuz I just LOVE your smile :-)

A friend loves at all times:
She's one woman who has been with me no matter what. I know I've hurt you quite a lot. Though I was not always there for you, I know you are there when I need you no matter what time it is. On women's day I apologize for being the దయ్యం  (:-) see I wrote in telugu for you )I was.. I apologize for each time I hurt you and promise you I'll try my best to be the best for you :-) Even though I get angry at times, really really love you with all my heart Ugri.. Thanks for being what you are to me.

Last but not the least...

A true friend is someone who knows there's something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face. Bloody hell Dipinni I alwaya hated it when you ask me whats wrong when am laughing loud at someone joke's while I was crying within. I know you adore me a lot and I still haven't figured out why. But I must confess I feel so good when you keep telling me how much you love me. I'm not the kind who's so frequent at expressing my love, but I guess by now you already know I do really love and respect you a lot. On women's day I request you to focus all your attentions on the good things in life and not to feel low ever.. cuz though I don't tell you always, it hurts to see you hurt  >>:D<<

Well I sure hope for the list to grow bigger and bigger with more and more wonderful people who would join me in this wonderful journey called Life!!!
Friday, March 5, 2010 | By: Meety

आ बैल मुझे मार

Another boring day in office. Post the so called go-live, we were finally happy that we were very much alive after months and months of working over weekends and slogging our ass's out for 16-18 hours. This is the so-called "Honeymoon Period" for all implementation projects where in you just need to be in office with no work to do at all.

Scene 1: 1PM IST, Cyber Gateways:
For people like us who are used to working nonstop this was something really hard to take. Sitting idle for hours with no work at all was driving us insane. One such insane colleagues of mine decided to vent out his frustration on me. He came over to my desk and though he saw I was busy reading my frirends blog, he kept pestering me for a considerable amount of time until I lost my cool. I lifted my fists, playfully and said "If you don't disappear from here in another 5 minutes, I will punch you"

At this the hero was "Aha! you think I'll get scared?? beat me, beat my now" and he took my fists and hit my knuckles hard on his forehead and left without saying a word. I didn't really know how to react, my knuckles hurt a lot and I really wanted to punch him hard but chose not to as I knew it would rather aggravate the pain.

Scene 2: 5PM IST, Cyber Gateways:
The hero comes back and sat on my desk and started off

S   : Your fingers hurt don't they??
Me : Yah a bit, but not that bad either, its bearable
S   : वो क्या है न (He shrugs and gives me a sheepish smile)
Me : Sorry बोलने आए हो ? (With a victorious smile)
S   : Sorry?? चल हठ तुझे पता है क्या हुआ ?
Me : Not until you tell me boss am not that good at guessing game

Slowly he shifted a portion of his silky hair away from his forehead, to reveal a small lump over his forehead, exactly where he had hit earlier.

I burst into a fit of laughter as he glared at me. The phrase "आ बैल मुझे मार" kept echoing in my mind as I laughed for another 5-10 minutes. The poor thing should have thought twice before messing up with me . Of all the people he chose Me the steel woman??

As I said earlier my work queue is empty, so thought I'll try and write a post on this. Just to pass my time :)
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | By: Meety

I forgot something

We've heard quite a few stories about people forgetting things. Some their home keys, others mobile, wallet and the list goes on. If you notice closely you would know that people usually tend to lose/forget things which are considerably tiny. 

Well until yesterday I was under the notion that people tend to forget things that are usually small in size. Maybe they are too small for us to sense the absence of the same. All such delusions of mine were put to an end yesterday. As I sat in my cab, watching the people outside, smirking at those friends of mine whose cabs was yet to come. Suddenly I got a strange feeling in my mind that I forgot something. Something.. but what???

I tried hard to recollect, I checked for my mobile, it was there in my hands, I checked for my mp3 player, it was there in my laptop bag, where I searched for my wallet and the house keys as well. Everything seems to be in place, then what is it that I’m missing??

My handbag, it was really hard for me to grasp the fact that I had forgotten my bag.. but where?? The realization was too hard for me to take. I was filled with a mixture of emotions; When one part of my mind wanted to laugh of loud at the thoughts of forgetting something soo BIG, the other side was filled with panic, what if I left it somewhere and will not get it back again?? The heights of it all were that my memories failed to gather as to where I'd left my bag.

I called up one of my friends and asked her to check the washrooms. She called back only to make me feel worse, apparently she checked everywhere she could, but in vain. I tried hard and forced myself to remember, but no use. The stubborn brain of mine decided not to co-operate. After a lot of pleading and a promise for a hot oil head massage the coming weekend, it revealed the fact that I had left my bag at a colleague’s desk. I called up my friend and asked her to check at his desk and ah yes she said, there it was right in front of her. She ran down and gave me my precious one, right when the cabs started moving out of the premises.

I thanked God and myself of course, had I not had that ‘I forgot something’ feeling….. So now if you guys ask me what plans for the weekend, I can definitely tell you I'll be paying a visit to Lee's to get myself a hot oil head massage ;-P

Moral of the story : “The increase in probability of forgetting something is not always inversely proportional to the size of the object; there are exceptions which needs to be handled as well