Monday, February 14, 2011 | By: Meety

Celebrating Love

He: WHAT?? What are you frowning at'?? 
She: Nothing
He: Oh come on now tell me what??
She: Oh!! Its supposed to be a surprise for you... so I can't really tell you what.
He: Ah ha!! lemme guess now.. you are confused .. bout what to gift me for valetines :-)
She: Not fair... you always guess whats running in my mind.. not done..
He: ha ha... baby I read your mind and I understand each and every move of yours.... and thats what bought us together.. and let me ask you a question.. do you really need a specific day to celebrate our love??? aren't we celebrating it each n everyday??? and do we really need a reason to exchange gifts?? and what makes you think you can gift me something better than what you already blessed me with?
eh??? :-| what special gifts did I give you?? they were all so ordinary ...

and he pulled her onto his arms and held her tight.. and then he slowly lifted her chin and cupped her tiny face in his hands and whispered 'You are the best gift I can ever ask for' .. and they kissed.....

Love is a wonderful feeling!!!  and being in love is a celebration in itself. So all you ladies and gentlemen who;s never been kissed by love... never lose an opportunity to be in love...for.... There’s no better way to bring happiness in your life!!

Wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day!!! 
Thursday, February 3, 2011 | By: Meety

Sometimes and Those times

Sometimes in life... I felt like life was sinking...

Sometimes in life...  I lost all hopes..
Sometimes in best plans backfired...
Sometimes in life.... I got caught in the flood
Sometimes in life... I thought I was alone

Those times in life... I learned how to float ;-)
Those times in life... I never lost faith
Those times in life... I always had a backup plan :P
Those times in life... I always went with the flow...
Those times in life... my friends came looking for me...

Sometimes are frequent visitors in life... you don't have to run away or hide from them... the best way to tackle them is to treat them with Those times!!!