Friday, January 28, 2011 | By: Meety

Friendship isn't a big thing.....

Oh my my don't get deceived by the title.. I haven't completed that yet... the saying goes..

Frienship isn't a big thing... its a million little things... Came across these lovely words on this lazy afternoon. Soon after I had a hearty conversation with the only person who understands and relates with the cranky side of me...

$halini: enikku bore adikkunnu, joli cheyyan madi aakunnnu!!!!
           also, urakkkam varunnu :P
me: same pinch :P
       am feeling exactly the same.. am bored.. lazy, in no mood to work.. and too sleepy myself...
       am controlling myself
$halini: sho.... nammude oru karyam! :P
me: lol seriosuly..
      ivarkenda lunch ine shesham power nap ine time thannaal?
      it increases the productivity
$halini: seriously!!!!
           perhaps they know, power nap becomes forever nap! ;)
me: lol ..
      they shd have some plan to keep that in place..
$halini: absolutely!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

and in our case it keeps happening each time we meet/chat/mail..

What do I tell you about this extremely special person in my life???... each time I flash back on my past... the memory that has consistently made me happy.. had been that of my school days.. and the one funny face that keeps popping up when I think of school is Shalini...

We've been friends for more than a decade .... and each time we are together... we feel brand new.. there's a special freshness around our friendship that I really can't talk much about...cuz  I really do not know why or how it feels that way...  maybe its the ease in which we relate to each other ..I mean... I've quite a few friends who needs to be acknowledged.. who needs to be told every now and then that they are special and close to my heart for them to be sure am there for them... I'm basically not a person who is really very expressive... there are very few people with whom I'm comfortable expressing myself.. strangely Shal doesn't fall in that list.. so what?? she doesn't really need to be told I love her or I'll be there for her.. even if I ignore her for months or rather years together.. it will not lead her into thinking I've totally forgotten/ignored her.. she'll presume that I'm busy and will get back asa am done with things.. but there's flaw in there.. what I really want to get rid of her?? God I will have to really convince her then... ;-) kidding shal.....

So today I would like to raise a toast for that special person in my life who needs no recognition/appreciation/expression to know how much I love her and value the special relationsip we share... the special times we've spent and the one's that are yet to come... love you shals..

3 cheers to our 'Seriyaana lose' companionship!!! >:D<
P.S : Shalini had requested me to write a poem in malayalam in fond memories of the atrocious remix peom that I wrote to bunk a unit test back in school... So be prepared to be petrified!!!
Saturday, January 22, 2011 | By: Meety

Love is immortal

He took another long leap... turned back and asked her....

You know whats the biggest problem in love??
The good guy always gets  the wrong girl...
and the good girl always gets the wrong guy..
They fall in love and the good one's get cheated.. 
and now the good guy ends up thinking all gals are frauds 
and the good girl thinks all guys are flirts...

Finally when the good girl meets the good guy, 
they avoid falling in love with each other 
and try their best to be just good friends.... 
But with time.. they realize that they are in fact very deeply in love with each other... 

and now.. since they've already been cheated, they chose to remain as friends and stops themselves from letting each other know each one's feelings.. and finally.. love dies..

She walked up to him looked up into his eyes and asked 'What happens when the good girl and good guy tell each other of their feelings???  See love remains and lives in that case!!! '

He looks away and says..... 'Well it does die then as well.. they will sacrifice love for family/career/society.. anything.. and then love dies'

Her eyes wandered. all over his face..... but love never dies ... as its immortal.... people might part ways..priorities might change... but the love ... love still remains.. somewhere deep down within you... in some corner where you wouldn't bother to look at... and one fine day you might stumble upon it.. only to realize it was still there... so much alive!!!

P.S : The beginning of the post was actually a forward message :-)
Monday, January 10, 2011 | By: Meety


You set me ablaze.. without a warning... .
and I feel myself burning..
burning with passion..burning in love...

N that feeling!!..Oh that special feeling…
a feeling beyond comfort.. a feeling beyond pain
a feeling…so wonderful, elite and pure

for along with it burnt my feelings of hatred,
vengeance and envy…. and all such
heinous feelings residing in me

I burnt bright like the glowing sun..
and I feared so much if I would burn you out...
but this feeling Oh! this wonderful feeling

which reduced me to ash…from which
I rose… like the phoenix…..
So divine… so virgin

For I've been touched...
by a touch so pure.. so healing..
a touch that finally purified me