Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | By: Meety

I knew you would come by

When I went to bed last night.. 
I wished I could meet you this morning
Cuz I was missing you so badly ..

I somewhow knew you would come by this morning
for the first time after soo many days 
I woke up with a smile..

I wasn't expecting you soo early..
never thought you would kiss me awake to a new day..
Leaving me in a state of trance with that comforting hug of yours..

With my eyes shut tight
 I lost myself to the beauty of that moment..
the relaxing scent of wet mud... 

The cool rush of moist air..
the sweet kisses from those tiny little droplets of love...
You made my day dear rain...  

Thank You!!!

P.S. The weather is too amazing .. and am too lazy to work today :P
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | By: Meety

The Fall

Like the leaves in the autumn fall
I fell to the pull of destiny
the feelings I had I can never tell
as I watched the distance grow farther away

As I lie on the ground lifeless and still
bearing the sharp and hurting prick
I lose no faith in the wind that will pass
The wind that will take me to the valley of hope

A valley full of conquered dreams
where over the river of life floats
a song of love n care and hope  
I hope to come to life again