Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | By: Meety

A celebrated vacation!

There I was sitting in my cottage, minding my own business …. Absorbing the beauty of the famous hill station Waynad. I wasn’t really sure how or when I landed there… guess I’d packed my bags in a hurry and started off without informing anyone.. like I always wanted to.

As I was sipping out the last drop of tender coconut water, ‘Hello… would you mind if I join you??’ I looked up and was sort of surprised to see Vivek Oberoi standing next to me… ‘Sure, why not??’ he sat there and there he goes talking about his upcoming marriage and his new release ‘Raktha Charita’ so after almost an hour long conversation which broke my own hearty conversation with the nature he decided to take me to the movie himself… so that I can see for myself and believe the movie’s just out of the normal.

So there I was watching the movie with Vivek Oberio besides me… the movie… was quite out of the box… too much of violence, and it was quite disturbing and I was praying for the movie to come to an end before the expected 3 hours. Come on I didn’t come o Waynad to go and watch a movie where people act… I came to watch the nature where the people and things are soo natural… I needed a break from the normal life where people act in front of each other to be in the so called good-books of whoever they wanted to be.

So I rush out after the movie, thank Vivek and rush back so that after all those torture to my eyes, I had to sooth it with nature therapy J  I fell asleep sometime between and was woken up by another intruder..  ’God NO why can’t I have a peaceful vacation??? Why don’t people just go around and mind their own business??’ I looked back and I was perplexed at what/who I saw.
There he was Surya, right there in front of me… in flesh and blood.. Wow!!! Now that’s what my eyes needed after all those torture I thought.. nature therapy yeah… what a bliss . I could feel my knees go weak and I was too mesmerized to react as he started speaking…. Usually I’m good at hiding my excitement when it comes to some cute guy… but this time… it was way too evident that I’ve lost all my senses to him which made him feel a lil uneasy.. But that’s okies… I was back to normal in around 15 minutes and I started talking.. about how I loved his movies, of how I loved his looks, of how I always used to have him in my desktop background, or how I love his eyes and how I always see romance oozing out of those roving eyes…. At the end of which he decided show me his new flick of ‘Rakta Chartia’ eh?? Well??? I’ve seen it but then.. watching it with Surya?? I made a quick apology to my eyes and willingly said I’d go for it… and as we started off for the movie… my bloody mobile started ringing… nooo I thought I’d switched it off..

As I picked my phone.. well… I could hear my sister on the other line.. and slowly things came back to where it was… I was lying on my bed, in my room… How I wanted to strangle her… byt why God why??? Why did you send Vivek first?? Why not Surya?? And just was I was about to go out with Surya you woke me up.. not fair…  I never fancied Vivek still you sent him to my dreams…. And just as my dream boy walked in you had to shake me out of my sleep… not fair… and its really NOT DONE.
Friday, October 22, 2010 | By: Meety

The Stupid that I'm

Friday morning and I wake up late.. am lazy to get out of bed... I lied there staring at the ceiling for some time... coaxed myself go get up and do my morning chores.. 
At the end of it with just the shower remaining in the list I decide to sit and relax.. so I went online.. posted something on my best friends wall... Went through all the crazy update from all the crazy people in FB and then I log into gtalk.. and spent another 1 hr chitchatting with friends..

Finally I see the time and I realize am already 20 minutes late to work.. so I call up my lead and let him know I'll be a little late to work... then I got the water heated.. had a luxurious shower and dress up... again lazy.. so I listened to some peppy numbers to get the pump and finally I got the push I needed and set off to work.

So I reach office.. and I see my lead was anxiously looking at me as though he's met his long lost sister. He came up to me and said.. 'You said you'll be a lil late.. this is more than a lil' To which I smiled and wished him a Very Good Afternoon :D and so he tells me about some urgent task which needs to be done before the call which starts in 15 mins.. No worries... I 'll just get it done and I open my bag to pull out my laptop and then! there I was staring into a blackhole.. I looked again... and put my hands inside and checked ... I thought maybe I went blind all of a sudden.. see it was soo sunny outside so maybe all of a sudden my eyes couldn't take the dim lights inside and hence went blank... oops my hands couldn't feel anything either.

Surprise surprise!!! I just realized that I'd left my laptop back home and just carried the empty bag to work :-D
As my lead stared at my confused and horrified face I showed him my bag.. sure he could't believe it either.. 'How could you??? didn't you even feel that you bag was lighter as compared to the other days??' To which I grinned and pushed my colleague aside in a hurry to finish the job which was supposed to be done in 15 minutes and now I had hardly 7 minutes left.. and I jumped into action my lead roared with laughter to the horror of my poor teammates who were unaware of the turn of events..

So as I sat there finishing my work.. I had my entire team or rather the entire bay laughing their heads off at me for the making the impossible possible, well I could atleast give them their share of friday fun at work :-)

P.S : Those who are not aware of how forgetful I can get... do  have a peek at an old post I forgot something
Sunday, October 17, 2010 | By: Meety

Courage & Fear

Ever tried to stop someone from hurting you? moved out of a hurting and dying relationship?? ever told someone very dear that their acts of love were in fact straining the relationship instead of making things better??? 

It takes a lot of courage to do that doesn't it?? but have you observed that it is in fact the fear that actually brought out the courageous self in you? There is in fact no courage without fear... courage is that which conquers fear...  Courage doesn't mean you don't see the difficulties and dilemmas attached to the situation; courage is your willingness to face the difficulty and cross the hurdle and reach your destination in spite of the fear in you.

It takes courage to end an unhealthy relationship, to quit an unsatisfied job, to ask for what you need and want out of life. It takes courage to be honest to others and to one's self. It takes courage to go against your loved one's to live your dreams.. it takes courage to liveSo all of you out there, its time to let courage and not fear rule your life. 
Because as Holly says 
"This is my one and only life, And its a great and terrible and short and endless thing, and none of us come out of it alive

So why give up the best and the most tempting things in life for fear???
Friday, October 8, 2010 | By: Meety

Did he get all that he asked for???

Raj is a friend of mine who was travelling overseas on a job assignment with another set of colleagues to join a few others who were already settled. He was all set, he'd shopped till he dropped, had all the paper works in place, Forex was also in place.. whats next?? Just as he was beginning to think that there's nothing left to do POP pops a mail.

He couldn't believe his eyes, neither his mind... he thought maybe he was hallucinating! how can this be?? may be all those shopping had made him imagine such things... as he confirmed the reality of the same with my forensic examination, I thought this was one topic worth sharing with you all.. so here we go the contents are given below with changed identities.. you see they're afraid if others might write them such mails in the future ;-)


Rajesh and Rajiv requires the below stuff from India. All together it’s coming around 12-13 Kgs.
We team of 13 people from Hyderabad should be able to do this.
I have randomly distributed the stuff below (Each one not exceeding 1 Kg per person). So please buy the stuff which is against ur name and carry it

  • 2 Kg Moong Dhuli                                   Sairam & Bondhuram
  • 2 Kg Arhar                                             Rajashekhar & Abhay
  • 3 Kg Urad Dhuli                                      Arjun & Abhimanyu
  • 1 Kg Chana Daal                                     Hariharan
  • 2 Kg Rava                                              Ajay & Gunashekhar
  • Masala papad—6 Pks                                Ravishakar
  • Priya Non-Veg Curry Masala Paste—10 Pks  Ramesh
  • Semiya-1 Kg                                           Raj
  • Cloves – 100 GM                                     Vikram
  • Elachi -100 GM                                       Ajay

Oh yeah it did really happen and he did spend ample of time planning over the above matrix. So next time you know someone's travelling... you know how to plan ;-)

And if you ask me if they did get all those things?? well.. you really think so???
Enjoy you weekend darlings!!!
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 | By: Meety

Another wild conversation

:-) this is a continuation to my earlier post. There was this hilarious dialogue from a manager which I overheard say 10 minutes back... I cannot really tell you what went through my mind when I heard that..

Me n the person sitting next to me just gave each other a blank expression and let the meaning of the line, just unfold itself into our own corny minds...

Hi Ms Tania, I have make files and loaded that into the table...
Wonder what make the files where...

.. let me do the sharing and unsharing again (:-D)
unsharing and sharing what?? ;-)

and last but not the least.. the highlight of the call..
I just placed all of your info, only descriptions got changed due to hardness to get valid data

well... I won't tell you what I thought after hearing that.. but you are most welcome to share your thoughts on that one last line... enjoy!!!