Thursday, July 28, 2011 | By: Meety

Can't wait

Can't wait to see that cheerful face,
can't wait to hear that chirpy voice
can't wait to to see those anxious eyes
and hold you tight!! until I sigh

Can't wait to feel your curly hair
and mess it up until you mother stares
can't wait to hear your little stories
and all the cute animations that you put in

Can't wait to hold those tiny fingers
or run around the house till we're thrown outside
can't wait to get wet in the rain with you
God am dying out here to just be with you

P.S : Am going home tonight!! will be meeting my lil niece after two long months!!!
        and the pic was taken during her first ever Auto trip.. and man she loved it :-)
Monday, July 11, 2011 | By: Meety

Of Stone benches and sweet little nothings

I took a long walk today, a walk back to that stone bench, where we always spoke in silences; and read each other's thoughts on those puffy white clouds across the true blue sky;
Where we always watched the sun go down as we celebrated another day of love!!

The walk was surprisingly longer this time, can't remember walking this far back then. I thought it was closer than this but then, is what it is. I saw a couple down there, on our very own stone bench or so we used to call it ;-)

They sat there in silence, head to head, cheek to cheek, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. Ah! just like how we used to sit!
I watched them as they spoke in silence, a language only they could understand...I watched them for a long time.... cuz that's was all I could do, I didn't want to disturb them.. and so I went back to my own memories all over again, memories of a good old sweet and innocent love....

They somehow reminded me of us, and the bond we used to share.. of the days I read your mind before you spoke it out.. of how annoyed you would feel, cuz I always managed to do that... of the bubbly talks and bouncy walks... 

I felt like I was slowly being pushed forward by some force...and I was moving closer and closer to those lovely people; I had this strong urge to tell them, to be together always and never let go no matter what.... I didn't know if it was a right thing to say  to unknown strangers. But someone from deep inside of me wanted me to do that... I walked and crossed the bench.. and moved forward so I could be face to face with them... and what I saw left me dumbfounded, there  I saw us... yes you and me, just like we used to be back then... right there in flesh n bones...I turned back... and ran down the road... back to where I came from ...and while I stopped to catch my breath I realized that walk was... but a walk down my memory lane.... 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | By: Meety

Lavender Lush

Although Lavender is not the color that comes to my mind when you ask me what my favorite color is, I must admit there is something to it that always delights me. 

I feel like an angel when I wear a lavender dress, although I know it is for others to decide ;-)

When I feel the need to be pampered and on my own, what I look out for is my collection of lavender candles :-) 

Most of my nail paints have a touch of lavender in them. 

When I think of something special for anyone special, they are sure to have a touch of lavender.... 

My favorite wind chime is the lavender one.

I know it might look like I am cheating on blue, but my dear blue you are too perfect for me to get carried away by lavender. We've been together for too long and If I were to leave you, I would've done that long time ago. I am in a beautiful relationship with lavender, a relationship which is beyond friendship and definitely not love. Although I must admit that sometimes I can't stop myself from being engulfed by the lavender lush.