Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | By: Meety

The Fall

Like the leaves in the autumn fall
I fell to the pull of destiny
the feelings I had I can never tell
as I watched the distance grow farther away

As I lie on the ground lifeless and still
bearing the sharp and hurting prick
I lose no faith in the wind that will pass
The wind that will take me to the valley of hope

A valley full of conquered dreams
where over the river of life floats
a song of love n care and hope  
I hope to come to life again 

10 Thought(s):

Ugri said...

Loved it dhi!!

Sh@s said...

Good one. Hope keeps us alive :)

Meety said...

@Ugri : Thank you!!
@Shas : Yeah if not for hopes.. I wonder how people would survive.. Thanks dear.. glad that you liked it

Pythoroshan said...

Been a while since u've posted anything... glad to see you've not lost your touch :)

Divya said...

And yes, ummeed pe hi duniya kaayam hai! So, for a better tomorrow, cheers!!

$$ said...

hahaah.... never knew with such heavy feelings you said "good night" last night! :P :P

Insignia said...

Wonderful! Hope!! Thats why we are here :)

Meety said...

@Roshan : Was on a month long break from work, books, blogs etc.. family bonding time u see :)
@Divs : Thanks.. cheers to a better tom :)
@Shal : I wrote this last friday honey.. was too lazy to publish it then
@Insignia : Yeap.. Thank You

La femme Nirvana said...

Nice! First time here - glad i saaw this...

Meety said...

I'm glad you liked it.. Thank You :-)