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Because... it was always meant to be

She broke away from her spell with the star studded midnight sky and let her gaze rest upon him. His face was as radiant as the rising sun. His eyes were a reflection of the millions of hopes n promises of a lifetime of happiness.

She still remembered the day she hesitantly took that big step and agreed to be with him for the rest of her life. He seemed to be so different from her back then. She was even afraid if she could ever fall in love again. She was angry at him back then, even when she had plainly rejected this proposal of love he had dared to go ask her parents for her hand in marriage.

'I can never feel for you the way you want me to' she'd told him.

'Yes, you can... And I am willing to patiently wait for that day.. No matter how long you take. I know you've suffered alot in love. I know how difficult it is for you to trust someone and fall in love again.... You only have to start trusting me.. The rest will fall in place in time....and I will put an end to all your sufferings. Can't you even give it a try??‘ He’d replied.

'A known devil is better than an unknown angel' was what her friends had to say.

'Alright let him keep waiting for things that will never happen' her heart said.

It was difficult, it took a toll on her patience, but slowly somewhere down the lane, and life started changing. Somehow with time, things started falling in place. She started liking everything about him, even the things she used to hate before. There was fresh new charm in him which she never noticed before. He slowly turned out to be everything that she ever wanted. He was as compassionate as a friend, as patient as a mother, as encouraging as a father. Her life now is a poetry which was beautifully penned by him.

She looked at him fondly and stretched her hands. He pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

And in the warmth of the embrace as she watched the platinum disc of the moon she realized with relief... That at last she has found her platinum day of love...
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Platinum for me is as unique and special as that moment when you realize you've found true love.

The happiness and the radiance within you can only be represented by a metal as radiant and as special as platinum.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | By: Meety

The Silver Lining

Winds of change
whisper a silent prayer
of hope of faith
of a tomorrow full of love

Banishing the dunes
built on sands of time
of memories, of yesterdays
of promises made to be broken

A roar from above
a crack in the sky
rains of fury fall over me
washing away the pain of endless woes

Then came an eerie wave of silence
a kiss of sunlight against damp skin
I basked in the glory of the feelings so new
as I opened my eyes to wonders anew

As I saw the silver linings 
below the clouds so dark
beside the sun so bright
Oh Yes! The silver linings 

Friday, June 14, 2013 | By: Meety

When WeChat With Our Odd Favorites

Hunger strikes again… and when in hunger I am always in a state of dilemma. Mainly because I have too many favorite stuffs and among my favorites, its hard to choose one.. what would you do if you were asked to choose between both your eyes???.Secondly Though people say have you breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a beggar. Since I do not fall under any of these categories, I fool my little body to believe I should eat like a horse when it comes to all the three meals for the day.

Bored and confused I thought of browsing through the justeat app to decide on what to feed my lil tummy when I get a request to join a LiveChat from WeChat. Amused, I decided to join while I decide on what to have. Maybe they can even help me decide :D

Enter in  and I was all the more puzzled. I had to blink twice to be sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sometime hunger strikes you too hard and creates visions of things that are never there.
There was one Malabar Biriyani (MB), Grilled Fish (GF), Puttu  (P), Fish de Casa (FDC) and Roasted Chicken (RC).Sigh!!  Just when I thought this would help me decide better, it just got worse.

With my mouth watering torrentially and my stomach grumbling loud like a roaring lion I said hi to the people present there..

MCB : Idaare?? Sugalle?? (Look who’s in.. dude hope you are doing great)
GF : Hi Sweetie!!
P : Namaskaaramunde.. (Namaskar)
FDC : Hola!!! Coma estas?? (Hello.. how are you?)
RC : Uh huh.. Cough cough hello..
Me : Hello Everybody! I’m doing good, Thanks how about you?

MCB : Nammakke sugham thanappa (I’ve been doing good)
GF : Am doing good, Thanks
P : Sugham thane ishta (Doing good buddy)
FDCa : estoy bien, gracias (I’m fine, Thank You)
RC : Phew!! Am smoking hot gal..literally
Me : Hey, wait a minute, since we have different people speaking in different languages, why don’t we communicate in a common language i.e English?? I don’t want de Casa to feel out of place in here.. she is as close to my heart as the rest of you

FDC : Greaaaat!! Garcias…Its beeeeen sooo deeffeeecult to follow what the others were sayeeeng
MCB : Ah nokaa (Alright I’ll try)

Me : So, can anybody tell me what am I and more than that what are YOU guys doing here?? I mean I never knew you could… you know use smart phones n all
P : Wel….l maybe you guys didn’t know we do get special “perks” when our performance goes higher than expected… and that’s when we get such privileges.
Me : Privileges? Perks?
RC : wheeze… forget it, you wouldn’t understand this part of it … wheeze… but you do understand why you are here right??
Me : No!! Absolutely no
GF : Aww.. you are so naïve my dear  and that’s so sweet …
FDC : I tink she is too hungry to have her brains working…
MCB : I second that De Casa..
P : You know?? You are the reason why we got the best performers back to back in our respective localities. And it is because of you that we got to use this new app and it is so amazing.
MCB : N so we decided to get together and Thank You for what you have done for us. N since you hail  from Malabar I thought would be perfect for me to invite you to this livechat
Me :  I WHAT??? REALLY??? I can’t believe this… but yeah.. on second thoughts.. considering the fact that I’ve been feasting on you guys for the past .. well I can’t really say how long… I guess it is possible for you to the the most savored dish …. WOW!!!!

P :  We don’t intent to take much of your time.. we know how hungry you are and we don’t want to take away someone’s or maybe one of our chance to serve you your majesty. We cannot tell you how grateful we are to you….

And So..together they said a Thank You Prayers and with that that incredibly enchanted call.

Somehow I didn’t want this chat to end.. It felt good to be appreciated by people whom you always look upon when you are in trouble (I mean hunger here ;-)) . Not every day you get to hear such beautiful words of gratitude from the one’s you value the most. You don’t really get to hear a Thank You Prayer from your favorite dishes for God’s Sake.

But that was it… a short, sweet and unforgettable experience that left me hungrier, more confused than before…. Now can you please help me decide on what to eat?? As I am really very very hungry right now!!!

  This is my entry for Indiblogger's contest with WeChat
Friday, May 10, 2013 | By: Meety

Of Appraisal and Growth

Its that time of the year in the corporate world when you strive hard to prove that you are the best thing that has ever happened to the company. The time where you are in a rush to complete pending training's, brown bag sessions, white paper and blah blah blah.. The one's who were hardly seen at work suddenly seem to appear at the desk for long hours. There were even people ...u know cute guys.. that I haven't ever seen before..suddenly pop up from nowhere..... Ah! treat to the I wish this period lasts ;-)

I look around and see eyeballs hanging out of panic-struck faces mechanically staring at their monitors lost in state of  trance oblivious of their surroundings. Seeing them I am reminded of the calm and composed standing yogis lost in a trance, emanating an aura of serenity. Given a choice I would prefer the latter state of trance to the former. Okies so back to where we were.. Ah yes... the appraisal time.

So there I was packing my bags all set to leave for the day when our dear Mr P (famously known as Blame Master)walks in with a long face.

Mr P : Hey, I see you've packed
Me    : Yeah, I see you haven't
Mr P : Ah! yah am so screwed.. I really don't know what to do.. This appraisals am really gonna get screwed
Me   : Oh thats bad (with an Astonished expression!!!)  why wat happened.... you didn't do well last year??
Mr P : Ah! no not really... you know I do my things well... but the problem here is ...there are people called Career Counselors.. are you aware of it?
Me : Yeah of course I know (what?? you think I work for a different organization?)
Mr P : Well.. You know you are lucky. Your CC's, they  guide you and set the path for your career growth
Me : That's exactly what they are expected to do.
Mr P : Yeah but you know what?? Of all the people I ended up with a career counselor who never helped me.. All these days while others had their counselors shaping up their career I was struggling all alone not knowing what to do.
Me : But then you should've contacted him/her or maybe consulted our manager, he would've helped
Mr P : Not it doesn't work that way
Me : ( Huh! really??)
Mr P : Its all in the hands of the counselor and just because of that man, my growth is stunted. I am stuck here in the same place; While all the useless people grows without doing anything, I just get stuck for not having a proper counselor .....................  .................. ............................ ...................... ..................
Sigma... hey Sigma.... are you listening??
Me : Well to be frank, I really don't think a CC matters .. I mean really.. my CC has not bothered to get in touch with me ever.. neither has he acknowledged my pings each time I tried to contact him...
Mr P : OMG!!! Oh you poor girl... I really am worried for you now.. your career is doomed.. no matter what you do within the project, its not gonna do you any good.. how will you grow???
Me : Don't worry bout my growth pal,as I am growing and I will continue to grow ;-)
Mr P : Bye (With a puzzled expression)

I picked up my bag and walked towards the exit...

Of course I will grow.. with all that new recipes that I've been trying. All the weekend escapades with friends and impromptu lunches with BFF... I had to grow! He just doesn't get the point. Nobody gets the point! They ponder over things which are anyways not gonna improve. Why waste your today thinking about what happened in the past and whats going to happen in the future? Don't they ever realize that happiness is a choice. You either choose to be happy with what you have or you choose to be unhappy over that which would anyways not be yours.

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Everybody needs a shower once in a while.

Everybody needs to shower every once in a while.
Now don't give me that puzzled expression. You must be wondering who doesn't shower, and who doesn't know that everybody needs to shower. Well, you'll know soon as to what I actually intend to talk about an entirely different form of shower here. Read on....

It feels great, to just stand under the shower after a tired day at work. Apart from washing away the dirt that is accumulated in your body as a result of the day's mayhem, it also removes the odor which results from the release of stress hormone and pheromones and the likes. The benefits of shower do not end there. There's something about a good long shower that gives you a desirable feeling. It eases relaxes you, soothes your tired body, rejuvenates you, leaving you feeling fresh and happy J

Just the same way, a shower once in a while is needed for a tired soul. For those of you who goes through a lot of emotional turmoil. Tears like showers, helps you rejuvenate yourselves. It removes the dirt of unwanted worries accumulated over the days. It washes away the blood and earth left behind by broken relationship. I agree It cannot heal a broken wound overnight, but it can dampen or maybe if I have to put it in the right words, it can help you diminish the scar and make it lighter each time u cry. It takes away the stench of wilting relationships and helps you start all over again. It relieves you if not forever but at least long enough to make you feel better by each passing moment.

You must always be careful not to overdo it. Just like how long showers leave your skin soggy and wrinkled, too much of crying also leaves you exhausted and tired and prone to chronic outbreaks.
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So darlings cry less, shower once in a while and wash away those dirty emotions, shower on your own or grab someone for company. Lift yourselves up, laugh, watch the sky, go for a ride, have dollops of ice creams and loads of chocis!!
Cause we have just one life and its crazy and weird and funny and complicated with a lot of difficulties and mistakes and laughter and celebrations, separations and unions, losses and gains and we all know you can never come out of it alive. As where the sufferings end, that's where life ends.

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Mia moved her hands over the blue pull over. That was the first ever gift that he got her, it was special and will always remain so. She heaved a sigh as she placed the empty mint jar back in her safe fondly remembering that evening at the park. At last, her heart felt lighter after all these years of walking around with the guilt of killing a heart so true.

Letting go, rather pushing off someone so loving, was a loss in itself, and she suffered for it. She had died from within, while she kept a straight face, refraining from indulging in any conversations that would make him realize it was the situations that led her to do what she did. Breaking his heart was never a thing she wanted to do, but she had to do exactly that to make him move on in life instead.

Mia felt the knot loosen from her chest. That notch of guilt fading away slowly. Michael didn't bother to tell her about his engagement even though they caught up over a small chat the very next day he got engaged, but thanks to the social network she got to know and Mia didn't bother to ask him why. She wished him a good future and ended the conversation there, if only should could tell him that… she's always missed him... Those late evening breaks at work, that Diwali celebration, those crazy dance practices... those midnight drives back from work, will always be fondly remembered by his good old POTATO.