Friday, March 5, 2010 | By: Meety

आ बैल मुझे मार

Another boring day in office. Post the so called go-live, we were finally happy that we were very much alive after months and months of working over weekends and slogging our ass's out for 16-18 hours. This is the so-called "Honeymoon Period" for all implementation projects where in you just need to be in office with no work to do at all.

Scene 1: 1PM IST, Cyber Gateways:
For people like us who are used to working nonstop this was something really hard to take. Sitting idle for hours with no work at all was driving us insane. One such insane colleagues of mine decided to vent out his frustration on me. He came over to my desk and though he saw I was busy reading my frirends blog, he kept pestering me for a considerable amount of time until I lost my cool. I lifted my fists, playfully and said "If you don't disappear from here in another 5 minutes, I will punch you"

At this the hero was "Aha! you think I'll get scared?? beat me, beat my now" and he took my fists and hit my knuckles hard on his forehead and left without saying a word. I didn't really know how to react, my knuckles hurt a lot and I really wanted to punch him hard but chose not to as I knew it would rather aggravate the pain.

Scene 2: 5PM IST, Cyber Gateways:
The hero comes back and sat on my desk and started off

S   : Your fingers hurt don't they??
Me : Yah a bit, but not that bad either, its bearable
S   : वो क्या है न (He shrugs and gives me a sheepish smile)
Me : Sorry बोलने आए हो ? (With a victorious smile)
S   : Sorry?? चल हठ तुझे पता है क्या हुआ ?
Me : Not until you tell me boss am not that good at guessing game

Slowly he shifted a portion of his silky hair away from his forehead, to reveal a small lump over his forehead, exactly where he had hit earlier.

I burst into a fit of laughter as he glared at me. The phrase "आ बैल मुझे मार" kept echoing in my mind as I laughed for another 5-10 minutes. The poor thing should have thought twice before messing up with me . Of all the people he chose Me the steel woman??

As I said earlier my work queue is empty, so thought I'll try and write a post on this. Just to pass my time :)

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$$ said...

Oh Wow Stigs...! I am so proud of you! :) :)
Rahul too did this once in school. Some girl challenged him, "if you are brave enough come on.. slap me!" ...and in the next minute, the poor girl was tightly slapped! Hehehe... I think it is there in every Chinmayan's blood!

Sigma said...

Sweets.. I didn't really hit him.. rather he took my hands and hit himself.. though I really wanted to him him.. it was he who did the honours :-)