Friday, December 25, 2009 | By: Meety

The last and final call

"This is the Last and final call for the 100m Sprint.... participants please report to the starting point"

With bated breath I walked towards the starting point. I could feel my mouth go dry.. my knees growing weaker with every step I took.

I've been there and done that before... soo many times.. but each time I go through the same ordeal. As though it were the first time though it was just a matter of a few seconds. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize that I've reached my destination.

I was not really happy to see my fellow athletes who've come to cheer me up."Relax... you look like your going to puke" someone whispered
Relax huh?? you expect me to relax when I see the expectation in each of your eyes?? Ah.. they blew the whistle again.. reminding me its time to pick one of those tokens to know you lane.
Somebody shouted at me "Hey you.. you are on lane 1"Phew.. "Daz can cover up over the curves"
I told myself as I walked to the lane and stood near the starting line.

On your marks... get set.... Go...

At the sound of the rifle.. I plunged forward with all my might.. ran for my life.. and finished.. Everything happened so fast...thats it.. and I did win the race like other times...
Soo much of drama in my mind for those very few though it were the run for my life.. but I know it definitely wasn't the Last and Final Call of my life!!

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my thoughts said...

If my understanding is to be any correct, does this blog by any chance symbolize anything about the way you do things?

or was it just another random expression of ur thoughts which u felt like penning down?

whatever it is, the way you put it is really good, likening to the race.

dont blast me by saying that u r an athelete.. he he.. :P

Well.. im a fellow blogger and happened to read ur blog.. and this looks like ur first one..
Happy blogging.. :)

Meethi said...

Thank You Sudeep.. and yeah it is the first one..
Last and final call is all about a long lost memory which came into my mind after a decade.. and I didn't want to lose it again.. so I ended up creating my own blog and posted it off so I can come back and cherish on those memories each time I read this...

Shalini Surendran said...


What a start, cherishing the good old days! :)

...I still remember how I cried when u went for the sports meet leaving poor me behind to attend math and physics and biology and history classes!

Looking forward to many many more posts.

Meethi said...

Definitely Shal.. there's more coming on the good old school days.. The BEST days of my life!!

Divya said...

Lovely start, Meethu! Keep writing! :-)

Rajesh said...

Awesome !!!!Plz do keep writing !

Pyari K said...

Hey Sigma,
I am sure I am a surprise guest on your post!

Nice posts. :) Keep writing!

Meethi said...

@Pyari: Thanks.. and yes ur right.. I was pretty susprised... :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha that was funny.... But bit surprised when u said "I won" lol
- Amal

Sigma said...

@Amal : Well I do have quite a good history in sports.. so you ought to believe this :-)