Thursday, February 25, 2010 | By: Meety

2012 Dooms days - Who will save us??

Ever since the release of the movie 2012, quite a few mails have been flooding our mailbox on various theories that would narrow down on one point - 2012 all life on earth would come to an end!!

When one such mail was forwarded to the offshore team by one of the my teammates, we decided to sit and talk over it.

The single and but not ready to mingle Bal Brahmachari of the team was taken aback by the prediction. 'No way.. thats just 3 years from now :-( You know what? Am planning to get married in another 6 months. That way I will be married... would have known how it feels to get married and will not have to live long enough to bear with the tantrums of my so called wife'

The married lady in the team decided to postpone your family plans until 2012- Incase we survive.. then I will have babies post 2012 -- Not a bad idea

The doting daughter said "I'm really happy about that! Atleast I needn't leave my parents along back here. We will all die together, if not who will take care of them when am gone??"

But.. the heights of it all was our very own saviour who stunned us all with his opinion on the so called 2012 dooms day

"Its all crap! As long as Brahmins are alive on earth nothings going to detruct our world. So chill guys"

We were too stunned to react. At this age where science is ruling the world, when you are an educated man, you are sticking onto these age old superstitions?? I couldn't control my laughter so I rushed out, laughed to my hearts content and got back to my seat. I'm sure most of my teammates would have gone through the same thing.

On a serious note, I pity such primitive minds who still delve on the supertitious therories which were nothing but a bunch of lies which were used as weapons against the so-called Ignorant people in the society for the attainment of power and position.

So all you people out there.. now you know "who" should be besides you for you to survive the 2012 disaster.. don't you??

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Athresh said...

very true!! my cousin told me an incident during their seminar in her anthropology class... a brahmin guy, after extensive research was going in full swing bout the developments achieved by brahmins n told that they wud never find a barber or a cobbler belonging to the brahmin community.Someone stood up n said she knows such a person.He was dumbstruck n flushed.As expected the whole class burst out in laughter!!! And imagine this guy is doing his M.Phil n plans to do a doctorate! Wonder when ppl ll grow up.

Sigma said...

Yes Athresh... its really shocking.. the way educated people talk...