Sunday, July 18, 2010 | By: Meety

Conversations that left me gaping

Here I've compiled a live conversation feed from my own personal chat history as well as that of a few friends who are split across the globe in various locations and various firms. These are stuffs and people do talk like this in this so called corporate world!!! and mind you am sure its gonna leave you stupefied as well.

Mr    : Hi Sigma
Me   : Hi
A      : I need some urgent help from you
Me   : Okies, what is this about??
A     : I became an error
Me   : Sorry?? (:-$)
A     : I ran so n so program and I was waiting for it to complete and then I became an error.. plz help!!
Me   : Oh Lord Can you please mail me the log file??

me:I've completed the assessment and still it shows as not completed in the site. Could you please work on the same and close this issue??
he: this is the appln  awareness training na?
he: wright?
me: yes you are right God save me

When one of the team members were questioned upon a certain data issue on a report... the team lead replies..."we had a keep closed eyes, whether report is pulling any data from these kind of tables"

I never knew you could see with closed eyes.. you must be a godly person I say.

A managers update to his team mate on a certain escalation
"The Shit has crossed the roof"

ouch better rush for your raincoats else the shits gonna fall all over you!!

The same manager responds when informed that the issue was not reproducible
'Is there a comfortable handle around which we can track the defects??'

Here's the most hilarious set of announcements we received from a senior team member
"I will be logging in late as I'm going to the burial grounds"
Another announcement followed once he was back in "I'm back in the graveyard"
Team :-O

One team members informs her manager that she would be on maternity leave on a certain period and the manager replies.
 'Can you give me another option??'
I had to actually rush out to the ladies room before I ROFL

Someone from the Support team ping me to clear a doubt
B : again In the technical documents its mansioned as ,,,,,
Me : mansion?? hey, can we have a quick call, I guess that would be more helpful as I'm unable to understand the exact issue..
and when I actually spoke to him I realized he pronounces mention as mansion and hence he typed mansion in the chat window

Postscript in an OoO from an onsite counterpart

P.S. Now I sleep 24 hours and try to recover or die.
I will not be reachable on phone or email or sametime.

Me:  what are you working on currently?
SD :  iam checking to last two days mails

nice you sit and play mail-mail and this person is supposed to have around 3 years of experience in the industry

Phew daz it for now..will release another version with more hilarious contents!!!

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Dr Roshan R said...

My personal favs are "The shit has CROSSED the roof" and of course, "Can you give me another option ?"
LOL :D Why can't I get department staff like these ??

$$ said...

Oh.. hilarious!

'flying shit' was fun!
i also like 'sleeping to recover or die'

yes, i also feel sorry for the person who became an error! hope he recovers soon! :P

Ugri said...

"Can you give me another option??"
What do you expect? Postpone her delivery
date??? :-@

Btw, good collection dhi! hope to see more!

prasad said...


Meety said...

@Roshan : haan these ppl sort of act like stress busters in our life.. so maybe having such ppl will definitely help ya :-)
@Shal : Yeah he recovered in a few hours time he became ferrrfect... ;-)
@Ugri & Prasad : :-)