Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | By: Meety

The Silver Lining

Winds of change
whisper a silent prayer
of hope of faith
of a tomorrow full of love

Banishing the dunes
built on sands of time
of memories, of yesterdays
of promises made to be broken

A roar from above
a crack in the sky
rains of fury fall over me
washing away the pain of endless woes

Then came an eerie wave of silence
a kiss of sunlight against damp skin
I basked in the glory of the feelings so new
as I opened my eyes to wonders anew

As I saw the silver linings 
below the clouds so dark
beside the sun so bright
Oh Yes! The silver linings 

7 Thought(s):

maithili said...

Strange ! I experienced the exact same thing today..:D
Was standing at the station for my train and suddenly it poured heavily for like 3 minutes and then the clouds cleared and sun was up :D

Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

The problem is, in a metaphorical sense, people tend to focus on the clouds for too long, cursing them for raining and destroying the perfect sand castles we've built... It's a lot harder to look beyond and see silver linings when you don't know what they even are.
But sometimes a leap of faith is necessary... to let the clouds rain as furiously as they can, confident you can manage it and that there will be sunshine and rainbows after that.

Meety said...

@Maithili - Ah! the silver lining :-)
@Roshan - True, people crib and curse, they don't even bother to sit back and admire, for only then do they get to see the hidden beauty behind those clouds.. n yes... the sun does shine and the rainbow do come.. if only people had the patience...

Insignia said...

Hope! is what drives us :-) Beautifully said. We all await for the silver liming don't we?

Meety said...

Always.. Bindu :-)

Haddock said...

People fail to see the brighter side.
a kiss of sunlight against damp skin...... nothing like the sunlight.

Meety said...

@Haddock : Yeah... nothing like sunlight :)