Wednesday, August 18, 2010 | By: Meety

I'm content

Ding Dong rang the door bell.. 8:30 in the morning NOOOOOOOO I don't wake up this early.. Why can't they wait till 9?? just 30 minutes right??  Presuming my roomies would open the door I tried to slip back to my dreams...

Knock knock.. What??? now who's knocking ??? puhleeeese.. can't you let me sleep in peace?? I got out.. grumpling... and opened the door to see a shabily dressed little boy right outisde my room..  Not all of you would be aware of the fact that I have a certain heart desease.. my heart goes light when I see kids.. and that very reason makes my sister to keep her lil angel away from me.. fearing that I'll spoil her already naughty lil lady irreversibly ;-) ...  I smiled at him and he smiled in return.. Ah such a cute and happy smile..

This little boy was the plumbers kid, who'd accompanied his Dad to help him when he's at work. As he got busy with his work I noticed the shirt he was wearing.. torn near his armpits, a gaping hole which ended right above his abdomen and then a rope for a belt over his largely sized shorts to keep it from falling down...  My heart shrunk and my eyes welled up... and I was talking about buying a new belt just .. just because I thought its been awhile I bought a new one

I wathced him work.. without complaining.. with an enthusiasm I don't see in myself or rather anyone at work... I don't know about others.. but i do complain a lot at work.. I crib about how less am being paid for the work that I do... for a work wherein there is no physical labor, for a work which is done in a warmly lit air conditioned environment.. where you a cup of coffee is just a walk away .. where you don't have to spend a penny to get to work or get back from work... a work that  guarantees regular income even in case you fall ill and don't go to work for a day or two.

And there he was and yes his Dad as well.. putting his hands inside drains.. pulling out dirt and strands of hair (that even though is from my hair I wouldn't even think of removing). Not sure what he'll do about feeding his family in case he doesn't get a call relaed to plumbing issues for even one day. I felt so shameful for being the self-centered me.. and angry for the injustice on their lives. After paying the dad for his services I ran and opened the fridge to get a choci for the little one. We parted with a smile on our faces. As I waved goodbye.. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart for making me realize how lucky I was to be born in my family and how forunate I'm to live such a perfect life which was otherwise imperfect in my eyes.

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Ugri said...

True dhi.. a person is never content with his life until unless he gets to see such situations...
I fully accept with you regarding this post..

As always luv yaaa.. for such great thoughts!


Bablu Dutt said...

Nicey !!!! :-) Very true, we never realize how lucky and blessed we are, rather keeps complaining of things we don't have.

Meety said...

@Ugri n Babs : Yep.. we do that all the time... but I kinda stopped doing that after meeting that lil fellow :-)

Dr Roshan R said...

Being in the medical field, you really see too much suffering - you wake up to women crying over their dead loved ones, you watch kids suffering daily begging for mercy from pain they're too young to comprehend.. even selfish people like me struggle to get through most of it, let alone the real good hearted ones.
It does make us realise, for however short a duration, just how blessed we really are.
In college, I remember we'd started an organisation called Ashraya, where we'd get donations from fellow doctors for poor patients food and funds. 10 years on, I'm long gone from there, but I'm happy knowing that somewhere someone is getting something to eat because of something we started a decade ago.

this post reminded me of a post I'd written long back and never revisited for a long time because of the bad memory.
Re-Read it again today after 2 yrs. Still hurts the same - still reminds me to learn to be grateful.

Insignia said...

:-) That was some thought. We do crib, we think we lead a wretched life. Alas! when would we realize we are blessed. :-)

Meety said...

@Insignia : Exactly
@Roshan : I read that one.. and left a comment as well.. good to know about that Ashraya thing.. here we follow something called 'Give India' and yeah a lot of my doc friends tell me about a lot of sad situations they get to face.. but then you can't help it right??

Dr Roshan R said...

True.. can't help it. Just count our blessings, I guess, and carry on.