Friday, October 8, 2010 | By: Meety

Did he get all that he asked for???

Raj is a friend of mine who was travelling overseas on a job assignment with another set of colleagues to join a few others who were already settled. He was all set, he'd shopped till he dropped, had all the paper works in place, Forex was also in place.. whats next?? Just as he was beginning to think that there's nothing left to do POP pops a mail.

He couldn't believe his eyes, neither his mind... he thought maybe he was hallucinating! how can this be?? may be all those shopping had made him imagine such things... as he confirmed the reality of the same with my forensic examination, I thought this was one topic worth sharing with you all.. so here we go the contents are given below with changed identities.. you see they're afraid if others might write them such mails in the future ;-)


Rajesh and Rajiv requires the below stuff from India. All together it’s coming around 12-13 Kgs.
We team of 13 people from Hyderabad should be able to do this.
I have randomly distributed the stuff below (Each one not exceeding 1 Kg per person). So please buy the stuff which is against ur name and carry it

  • 2 Kg Moong Dhuli                                   Sairam & Bondhuram
  • 2 Kg Arhar                                             Rajashekhar & Abhay
  • 3 Kg Urad Dhuli                                      Arjun & Abhimanyu
  • 1 Kg Chana Daal                                     Hariharan
  • 2 Kg Rava                                              Ajay & Gunashekhar
  • Masala papad—6 Pks                                Ravishakar
  • Priya Non-Veg Curry Masala Paste—10 Pks  Ramesh
  • Semiya-1 Kg                                           Raj
  • Cloves – 100 GM                                     Vikram
  • Elachi -100 GM                                       Ajay

Oh yeah it did really happen and he did spend ample of time planning over the above matrix. So next time you know someone's travelling... you know how to plan ;-)

And if you ask me if they did get all those things?? well.. you really think so???
Enjoy you weekend darlings!!!

7 Thought(s):

Bablu Dutt said...

Tooooooooooo much!!!

Ugri said...

Senselessness personified!

hope and love said...


Pythoroshan said...

so many people have the same problem... of 'friends' dumping stuff on them whenever they travel which has to be delivered to relatives... remember it from way back during parents time right down to brother these days.. generations come and go.. but this never changes.

Meety said...

@Roshan : Friends and relatives are understandable.. imagine dumping things on people whom you don't even know?? and that too kgs and kgs... damn

Pythoroshan said...

hmmm.. Ur right there.. Giving a list to strangers is too much. Dat too such a list !! I mean even the brand - 'priya non veg masala paste !!!' ho boy !!

Meety said...

@Roshan : Yeah even I was keen over that 'Priya non veg masala' thank God it ended there.. imagine Bambino Vermicelli, Lijjat papad.....