Friday, October 22, 2010 | By: Meety

The Stupid that I'm

Friday morning and I wake up late.. am lazy to get out of bed... I lied there staring at the ceiling for some time... coaxed myself go get up and do my morning chores.. 
At the end of it with just the shower remaining in the list I decide to sit and relax.. so I went online.. posted something on my best friends wall... Went through all the crazy update from all the crazy people in FB and then I log into gtalk.. and spent another 1 hr chitchatting with friends..

Finally I see the time and I realize am already 20 minutes late to work.. so I call up my lead and let him know I'll be a little late to work... then I got the water heated.. had a luxurious shower and dress up... again lazy.. so I listened to some peppy numbers to get the pump and finally I got the push I needed and set off to work.

So I reach office.. and I see my lead was anxiously looking at me as though he's met his long lost sister. He came up to me and said.. 'You said you'll be a lil late.. this is more than a lil' To which I smiled and wished him a Very Good Afternoon :D and so he tells me about some urgent task which needs to be done before the call which starts in 15 mins.. No worries... I 'll just get it done and I open my bag to pull out my laptop and then! there I was staring into a blackhole.. I looked again... and put my hands inside and checked ... I thought maybe I went blind all of a sudden.. see it was soo sunny outside so maybe all of a sudden my eyes couldn't take the dim lights inside and hence went blank... oops my hands couldn't feel anything either.

Surprise surprise!!! I just realized that I'd left my laptop back home and just carried the empty bag to work :-D
As my lead stared at my confused and horrified face I showed him my bag.. sure he could't believe it either.. 'How could you??? didn't you even feel that you bag was lighter as compared to the other days??' To which I grinned and pushed my colleague aside in a hurry to finish the job which was supposed to be done in 15 minutes and now I had hardly 7 minutes left.. and I jumped into action my lead roared with laughter to the horror of my poor teammates who were unaware of the turn of events..

So as I sat there finishing my work.. I had my entire team or rather the entire bay laughing their heads off at me for the making the impossible possible, well I could atleast give them their share of friday fun at work :-)

P.S : Those who are not aware of how forgetful I can get... do  have a peek at an old post I forgot something

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Pythoroshan said...

welcome to the forgetful club... of course, with me as a lifetime memeber, you have nothing to worry !!! ( Dont cry .. i was only kidding ! )
hey, i nearly missed the link as im guessing others might... have you considered changing the colors of the "to visit link" and "visited" link in the "template designer" section in DESIGN in your blogger dashboard ?

Meety said...

@Roshan : Done sir!!! actually it was my fault.. jz changed the font color of the post to the hyperlink color... so hav changed the text color for the link.. so it should work now :-)

$$ said...


Nee oru sambhavam thanne ketto...!!

Remember the "zooom to majestic railway station" and the comments from the front seaters? ;) :)

Meety said...

@Shal: Can I ever forget that?? esp the 'loose' part of it??? lol pinne naan oru sambhavam thanne.. ninde allle kootukaari??? :P

Ugri said...

Y me ugri y me always???!!!

how I love your this expression when you do all these things..

I'm stilling rofling Dhi!

Meety said...