Monday, November 29, 2010 | By: Meety

Keys misplaced and Lessons learnt

Who ever has designed the keyboard needs to be spanked... for keeping all the wrong set of words besides each other.. especially when its been used by people like me who thinks its am great cuz Itype fast, leching at the new hot guy in the floor, without batting an eyelid.. not even looking at the screen and finally hitting ctrl+enter without even giving a first last look at the screen.

So what happened?? well the alphabets 'C' and 'D' were so closely placed .. ah I can see you guys looking at your keyboard.. do that please... so that you don't end up in a situation like mine... oh so where were we??? yes.. C and D .. so for the mail that I sent to my entire team.. D was placed instead of C for the most vital part of the subject line..

And here I was .... sitting and chatting with the guy besides me oblivious of the malicious mail that has just left my inbox when I get a ping from my lead

K: Oh! so you can't wait till 9 to get into a disco eh??
Me: Eh?? I didn't get you
K: I knew it.. where's your mind girl?? :-) check out the mail you just sent to the whole team... lol

I didn't have to check my mail cuz by that time I had all kinda pings from the entire team.. another set of teammates roaring at the other end... another guy was singing 'Its the time to disco' the only  compassionate friend pinged me the entire content. 'Unable to connect to Disco; Please mail me in case of any issues'

So.. that's it... lessons learnt?? yeah quite a few.
  1. Having the spell check on doesn't always work while sending mails.. so please read through before you press ctrl+enter
  2. Always look at the screen ( if not the keyboard) while you type.
  3. Last but not the least  NEVER lech at men while attending to official mail/calls.

7 Thought(s):

$$ said...

Wow... that s a great lesson Stigs! :P

prasad said...

coool :)

Shine said...

Would like to join the roaring set of your teammates....:)

Ugri said...

rofl rofl rofl!

Pythoroshan said...

lessons learnt.. till the next time we make the same mistake :D

Insignia said...

Cisco did it for you :-P

You know talking about spell checks or our short key f7 doesnt help either. If you find time, check this out

:) You will laugh out I am sure

Meety said...

@Shal : Thanks sweety

@Prasad : Thank you

@Shine and Ugri : :P

@Roshan : yes doc.. you are soo right

@Insignia : Yeah it sure was a nice read.. felt good about myself for not sending such 'pervert' mails :D