Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | By: Meety

To tie up a baby


She turned back and gave that puppy-eyed look at her mom  ran to the other room...Its 1:25 AM and my lil niece still shows no signs of getting to bed... My poor elder sister had a busy day and was soo looking forward to crash from 9:30 PM :-)
oh yes she has been trying to put her lil baby to sleep for the past 4 hours... but in vain. I didn't even try to offer a helping hand as I knew very well  when am about to lose a task 

Me and my younger sis were..watching the show … giving each other those suppressed grins..... though both were engrossed in our own private networking world.. and all of a sudden my younger one looks up and asked..

P2 : Hey ... what would you have done.. if you had a kid who kept you awake, and ran around the house on the most tiring of the days when you really really needed some rest??
Me : Let me see.. aaah... I know what I'd do... I will tie her to the cot just like how I tied you when you were a kid ... he heee
P2 : WHAT??????

Yeah  ...  I did tie up my tiny lil sister to her cot the one time I soo badly wanted to watch my cartoon show and when I was forcefully made to baby-sit my 9 month old lil sis... who used to crawl around like a turtle.. oh not a turtle she was faster that that.. Well I had no choice but to pick up a dupatta (I did chose the soft cotton fabric so it didn't cut her skin) and tie one end to her legs and the other to the bars in her cot... and it was bliss...and believe me its not harmful and they stay where they are when you do that.. you needn’t worry about them wandering off to forbidden lands and getting hurt or disappear like there was a black hole or something hidden in the house.. I watched the entire show and yeah I did enjoy it.. but the experience post that was not really pleasurable ..and well.. thats not to be disclosed.. well... I've got something to say in my defense.. I was tiny kid as well...

5 Thought(s):

Shine said...

Haa.. very nice...i heard a similar comment once from a mom...tying a long rope around the ankles and pullout even if she goes to the 'dungeons'...

prasad said...

wow!!what an idea..sig geee

Insignia said...

:-D My mom always says that she used to tie my hands up so that I didnt go out and pick mud to eat :-D

Ugri said...

Pavam P2. She must be scandalized!

Meety said...

@Shiny : Glad am not the only one to tie up a baby :-)
@Prasad : Thank you
@Insignia : ha ha.. my sis is too grown up for me to do that now :P
@Ugri : Yeah she was glaring at me when I finished the flashback :D