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Our special innings

Woah!!! wait a minute. Before all you cricket fans jump and read over I have to admit this post has nothing to do with the world cup and those of you who are looking for cricket contents.. move over boys.. this place has no posts on cricket.. not that am against cricket or something..

So lets get back to our innings...

Sorry folks quite a loong post ahead.. this must the longest one I've ever written :-)

Scene 1 : 21st Feb 2011 2:20 AM

2:20 in the morning and as expected I was floating ... in deep slumber.. at peace... moving from one dream to the other wish life was soo smooth... until I was taken back to reality by the sound of my phone. What the hell! Don’t we have the freedom to sleep peacefully at this hour?? If it is my irritating manager again am gonna wack him to death.

One look at the phone and I was puzzled; it was my apartment mate...the early to bed and early to rise kinds unlike the other crazy lady who would've been awake even at this evil hour had she been here.. I thought I was dreaming..n so as I picked up the phone.. in my dreams .. I heard Zee stammer.. and I couldn't make out anything.. I got a little puzzled and concerned and decided to go and check her in her room.

Outside my room the scene was sort of harrowing; it reminded me of a murder mystery movie I saw a few days back.. there were 2 bed sheets lying in line across the the hall.. as though it was dragged along with a maybe a body??? and the main door was left WIDE OPEN :-O

I knew something was not really alright and I didn't have the courage to walk up to her room... instead I called her up and she started blabbering again.. somewhere in between I managed to make out 'ran out... ground floor.. watchman' and finally I realized that I was ALL ALONE in the house with some murderer in the loose.. I ran for my life

I met her downstairs, there she was looking like she's just had a nightmare ... I ran upto her and asked her if there was a murderer in the house... and finally she told me that it wasn't a murdere but..a BAT ...was a BAT in her room.. the poor(scary) thing came in through her window strange and it hit the fan.. hurt itself and fell down.. the lady was too scared and ran out.. for her life.. she jumped out of her bed and ran for her life..

After a lot of convincing I finally got her to get back to our apartment, the door wide open.. bed sheet lying stretched in the hall.. God it gave me that creepy feeling again.. we slowly lurked into her room... I jumped in switched on the light and jumped back in lightning speed... then slowly.. we got inside the room n searched high n low for the bat.. and the hero was nowhere to be seen...

But poor Zee was too scared to sleep in that room on her own.. worried if the bat might again drop out of the blues onto her... so I offered her a place in my tiny room.. and finally the eventful night came to an end.. like Geet in Jab We Pet.. I prayed to God to make this night less exciting... rather boring...

Scene 2: 21st Feb 2011 8:40 PM

I never imagined God to take my prayer so seriously, the following day was the most boring one I ever had. Once I was back home, none of my apartment mates were back. Boredom kept staring at me with a smirk, I prayed to God to make the rest of the evening a little less boring or rather exciting :-) .I was flipping through the channels when I saw this vampire soap in Star One. Oh my! the guy did look like a forbidden fruit, a typical vampire feature I guess :D . So what if he's a vampire, he can't get out of the TV and bite me, hence I decided to feast my eyes on that man who looked like a blessing for the female breed :-) . The sequence of events were far too predicable, mid night... new moon.. the howls.. was I scared?? no way.. until I heard a noise in my room.. As I looked up.. something or rather someone landed PLOP on my feet...

... there it was the hairy little mass of flesh lying on my feet.. I froze as the vampire/werewolf howled in the serial... with the bat at my feet everything looked soo realistic... I tried to scream but I couldn't ...I wanted to run but I couldn't even move a finger.. slowly as my senses got back to normal I rushed out of the house... well Zee, now I really know what you went through last night I won't mention the bed sheet ever again. I threw both my slippers at the bat from outside.. just get out of my house you devil?? finally after a lot of struggle the vampire got out.. and flew away.

When Zee was back home that day, I told her, to her horror that we were in fact, sharing our room that day with the very bat fearing which she decided to share my room.
I was in splits as I narrated the story to our third apartment mate.. We personally enjoyed the 'bed sheet' part of it all...but to be honest that was one hell of an innings...

P.S. I was the third roomie.. the incident happened when I was away from home.. lucky me :-)

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Divya said...
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Ugri said...

Will you believe that i got goose!!!
Thank heavens it wasnt you, but poor girls :-(

Shine said...

Sig ... Awesome Narration...Hats off..
The incident reminds me of lizard that fell from the ceiling to the floor .. and left 2 of my room mates screaming in the midnight and waking the whole hostel ;-)
Spinister Life Rocks I say!!!!! :)

Meety said...

@Divs : Yeah
@Ugri : Seriously had it been me, I would've got a heart attack and collapsed right in front of that bed sheet.. but now when I think about it.. I can't really keep myself from LOL
@Shiny : Yea Spinster life actually rocks :) and thanks!!

Divya said...


Sounds like a scene from a horror movie!

$$ said...

Wish u were there :P :P

Pythoroshan said...

WOW... Really ? Amazing the way people react to such sights.... Oh, I aint talking abt the bat... I'm talking abt the 'dreamy vampire' in an Indian Tv serial :)

and lol on shalini's statement !! With friends like this, who needs enemies :D

Meety said...

@Shal : You must've been back after attending my funeral.. had I been there that night... x-(
@Doc : Yeah.. :-)