Friday, March 4, 2011 | By: Meety

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine,

I know you are aware of the fact that I haven't been really fond of you ever since I finished schooling.
After maybe more than a decade, I felt like being with you today. Strange, a lot of things have been changing in my life these days, so am not really surprised. Today I soo wanted to be with you. I wanted you to shine down on me..I want to look straight into your eyes and not shy away from you... go for a looong walk with you... perhaps we can walk upto the beach.. but there are no beaches in hyderabad. I might have to get back to Kerala so we can walk along the beach.. now that its not possible immediately..

I wish we could atleast walk across the street through that narrow deserted lane. Not much of noise and I usually don't see many people there.. We can stop by that small tea-shop and have a small cup of ginger tea and talk about just about anything.. or else we could walk in silence, I don't really mind doing that, am usually not a silent person but you know what?? I read somewhere that people who can communicate in silence are the one's who understand each other the most. Am not sure if I really understand you. I've avoided you for too long, I've been too selfish.

But I really wish from the bottom of my heart if you could come for a walk with me... for old times sake... cuz I really don't know why I really feel the need to be with you today.


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Ugri said...

hmmm very deep!
I hope that someone joins you today :-)

Meety said...

He he.. Thanks.. but this was dedicated to "Sunshine" its already dusk.. and sunshine saying bye bye for today :-)

Pythoroshan said...

You know, flattery aside, there r atleast half a dozen articles in this blog ( this one included ) which are good enough to easily be published in other sites... have you considered it ? I personally never used to, till I, started getting invites from others.. thats how the whole thing started for me..

Just a thought..

prasad said...

've a nice trip with ur own sun
'communicate in silence'
really incredible!!

Meety said...

@Doc : I'm truly flattered.. I mean I never expected that from a great writer like you.. really felt good to know that you like my posts :-)but pbulishing ... well .. don't you think am too young (as a writer) to do that yet?

@Prasad : Thanks :-)

chhipa said...

Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

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Pythoroshan said...

the youngest blogger i know PERSONALLY who got published was 18 years old... so unless ur trying to fool me by saying ur 17.5 years old.... :D

Anyway, age doesnt have anything to do with it.. its talent... other famous sites u can consider are READERS DIGEST and our ever popular CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL... just have to send a word doc file.. whats the harm.. if they say "sorry no thanks", well we can always bitch abt them saying "BANDAR KYA JAANE ADRAK KA SWAD !!!"

Life For Rent said...

Hi i am new here just want to say that I really like the picture you use in your post.

Meety said...

@Chhipa: Thank you soo much
@Doc : I meant young as a writer.. not by age.. and yeah 4get bout the years.. am still young at heart ;-)
@Life for rent :Thanks... Well.. I picked it up from a fwd mail i got :P

Ugri said...

Dhi, why don't you just give it a try ;-). Do publish.. :-D

Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post."

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Meety said...

@Anonymous : I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts as well. Do leave your name the next time you visit please.