Wednesday, November 14, 2012 | By: Meety

Happy Children's Day!!

Running through the walkway, pushing aside all people on the way, banging on to one of my teachers and finally leaping forward and ending up my best buddy’s arms… Hugging each other and jumping around, creating our own form of dance and I thought.. Damn I could have used this one for the choreography competition. YES!! we have topped it up with another first position for the Indian music competition. That took us a step further to end up in the current leading position for the rolling house trophy this year. Two more results to go before we can sit back and relax.

Lunch time and we are anxious minds would not let us swallow more than what is required to fill our tummies. We decided to check out the stalls and play a game of ring-toss to calm ourselves. Jassim from the house that finished second walks in and says, Okay girls, now play a nice game and..let’s say the way we fair in this game would reflect our respective house’s final positions. We’ll call it a match

At a time when you have exhausted yourselves of all the competitions that you could possibly take part in, I found it extremely annoying that he could come up with another one of all the days on Children’s day. I decided to back out, but the forever high spirited lady that Shalu was, she convinced me that we could do it at least for our house’s sake :P
Two rounds down and we were almost losing it. Afraid that this might be the fate of our house as mentioned by his highness, we started taking the game too seriously. We panicked over every lost throw, I was back to chewing the very little millimeters of nails that were left after the month long competitions.

Can I play for the two of you?? Asked Sree.

No way, that way their house would win over ours, snapped back Jassim.

Well that okay, look at them, they look so miserable. They’re my friends and I wouldn’t mind if we lose out on the house and as he stretched out his hands to take the rings, he said something which sounded muffled and extremely distant…..

Have you submitted your timecards yet???

Hello, do you hear that?? Have you submitted your timecards yet??

And….I see myself staring down at a 17 inch monitor, fingers over the keyboards, with my manager staring down at me from the other end. I took me a minute and a half to gather myself and cook up a story of deep concentration and complex logic and how I was trying hard to find out the best way to implement it.

It happens Sigma, you don’t have to make that up, any working day post a long weekend ought to be a lazy day at work.. I understand.

Yeah you do understand that… but will you be able to understand if I told you I was thinking about the innocent selfless friendships, the healthy competitions and the ever wonderful companionship that once existed in our lives?? The selfless mentors our genuinely concerned teachers who helped us to be the person that we are today??

I miss them all on this Children’s day as I feel thankful to my parents for granting me the opportunity to experience with all these wonderful people in my life!

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