Monday, March 11, 2013 | By: Meety


Mia moved her hands over the blue pull over. That was the first ever gift that he got her, it was special and will always remain so. She heaved a sigh as she placed the empty mint jar back in her safe fondly remembering that evening at the park. At last, her heart felt lighter after all these years of walking around with the guilt of killing a heart so true.

Letting go, rather pushing off someone so loving, was a loss in itself, and she suffered for it. She had died from within, while she kept a straight face, refraining from indulging in any conversations that would make him realize it was the situations that led her to do what she did. Breaking his heart was never a thing she wanted to do, but she had to do exactly that to make him move on in life instead.

Mia felt the knot loosen from her chest. That notch of guilt fading away slowly. Michael didn't bother to tell her about his engagement even though they caught up over a small chat the very next day he got engaged, but thanks to the social network she got to know and Mia didn't bother to ask him why. She wished him a good future and ended the conversation there, if only should could tell him that… she's always missed him... Those late evening breaks at work, that Diwali celebration, those crazy dance practices... those midnight drives back from work, will always be fondly remembered by his good old POTATO.

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