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When WeChat With Our Odd Favorites

Hunger strikes again… and when in hunger I am always in a state of dilemma. Mainly because I have too many favorite stuffs and among my favorites, its hard to choose one.. what would you do if you were asked to choose between both your eyes???.Secondly Though people say have you breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a beggar. Since I do not fall under any of these categories, I fool my little body to believe I should eat like a horse when it comes to all the three meals for the day.

Bored and confused I thought of browsing through the justeat app to decide on what to feed my lil tummy when I get a request to join a LiveChat from WeChat. Amused, I decided to join while I decide on what to have. Maybe they can even help me decide :D

Enter in  and I was all the more puzzled. I had to blink twice to be sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sometime hunger strikes you too hard and creates visions of things that are never there.
There was one Malabar Biriyani (MB), Grilled Fish (GF), Puttu  (P), Fish de Casa (FDC) and Roasted Chicken (RC).Sigh!!  Just when I thought this would help me decide better, it just got worse.

With my mouth watering torrentially and my stomach grumbling loud like a roaring lion I said hi to the people present there..

MCB : Idaare?? Sugalle?? (Look who’s in.. dude hope you are doing great)
GF : Hi Sweetie!!
P : Namaskaaramunde.. (Namaskar)
FDC : Hola!!! Coma estas?? (Hello.. how are you?)
RC : Uh huh.. Cough cough hello..
Me : Hello Everybody! I’m doing good, Thanks how about you?

MCB : Nammakke sugham thanappa (I’ve been doing good)
GF : Am doing good, Thanks
P : Sugham thane ishta (Doing good buddy)
FDCa : estoy bien, gracias (I’m fine, Thank You)
RC : Phew!! Am smoking hot gal..literally
Me : Hey, wait a minute, since we have different people speaking in different languages, why don’t we communicate in a common language i.e English?? I don’t want de Casa to feel out of place in here.. she is as close to my heart as the rest of you

FDC : Greaaaat!! Garcias…Its beeeeen sooo deeffeeecult to follow what the others were sayeeeng
MCB : Ah nokaa (Alright I’ll try)

Me : So, can anybody tell me what am I and more than that what are YOU guys doing here?? I mean I never knew you could… you know use smart phones n all
P : Wel….l maybe you guys didn’t know we do get special “perks” when our performance goes higher than expected… and that’s when we get such privileges.
Me : Privileges? Perks?
RC : wheeze… forget it, you wouldn’t understand this part of it … wheeze… but you do understand why you are here right??
Me : No!! Absolutely no
GF : Aww.. you are so naïve my dear  and that’s so sweet …
FDC : I tink she is too hungry to have her brains working…
MCB : I second that De Casa..
P : You know?? You are the reason why we got the best performers back to back in our respective localities. And it is because of you that we got to use this new app and it is so amazing.
MCB : N so we decided to get together and Thank You for what you have done for us. N since you hail  from Malabar I thought would be perfect for me to invite you to this livechat
Me :  I WHAT??? REALLY??? I can’t believe this… but yeah.. on second thoughts.. considering the fact that I’ve been feasting on you guys for the past .. well I can’t really say how long… I guess it is possible for you to the the most savored dish …. WOW!!!!

P :  We don’t intent to take much of your time.. we know how hungry you are and we don’t want to take away someone’s or maybe one of our chance to serve you your majesty. We cannot tell you how grateful we are to you….

And So..together they said a Thank You Prayers and with that that incredibly enchanted call.

Somehow I didn’t want this chat to end.. It felt good to be appreciated by people whom you always look upon when you are in trouble (I mean hunger here ;-)) . Not every day you get to hear such beautiful words of gratitude from the one’s you value the most. You don’t really get to hear a Thank You Prayer from your favorite dishes for God’s Sake.

But that was it… a short, sweet and unforgettable experience that left me hungrier, more confused than before…. Now can you please help me decide on what to eat?? As I am really very very hungry right now!!!

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Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Shavatilla Kuthalae.. dont poke the corpse !! :(
Over here, Im eating onaka roti and some water which they call dal fry in the hospital and then I read these names !!

All the best :D

Meety said...

Thanks Dr... my tummy was groaning all the while I wrote that post.. but don't ya worry.. I treated myself with the Yummylicious Malabar Chicken Biriyani... soon after .... buuurp... oops.. Excuse me...

DI said...

Hey Sigma! I did not even know you blogged :D No way of knowing it I guess, but now there is 3 years of archives to dig into! :)

Meety said...

Hey Divya...He he.. go on.. and dig in :D