Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | By: Meety

Meeting Prince Charming

A part of a conversation I had with a newly married colleague of mine ;-)

He comes to the floor dreamy eyed, shining bright with a hint of blush in his cheeks. Looks around and checks if anyone’s noticed his presence, in order to cheer him up I said ‘Hey S, welcome back!!’

VS : Hi!! How are you??
Me : going good.. so where are the sweets??
VS : Oh! Sorry blah blah… So when are you giving me the good news of your marriage??
Me : When its time .. he he

By then another friend of mine joined us and the question was diverted to her marriage

VS : So M, when are you giving me the good news??
M : *blush*
I keep a straight face as I whispered; ‘tell him once you get married only then can you giev him the good news..., isn’t it wrong to have a child out of wedlock??

M : *blush*
VS : I see you are blushing, that means somethings round the corner!!
M : *blushes*  gives me the do something look
Me : Well she is actually waiting for her prince charming to come in a white horse and take her away *chuckle*
M : *petrified* I’m gonna kill you for this
VS : Oh ! like in the movies? Nice to hear that so Sig, how is your prince gonna come like??
Me : Ah.. think  think.. we need to keep this going...
Me : *smile* Well he will come riding an elephant and take me away *wink*

M gives me the WTF look while VS is thinking hard to figure out why I chose an elephant to ride on.

VS : Oh yes!! In Kerala elephants are used for auspicious ceremonies they are considered to bring good omen with them right??
Me : Boy!! You got it!!  and yeah he would be wearing those traditional mundu and vesti
VS : Will he be having a sword in his hands??? LOL and will it be a white elephant??
Me : LOL no white elephants please… and Of course yes, he is my prince charming!! My warrior!! how can he come without his sword of honor when he's coming for me??

M shakes her head and rolls her eyes at me.. and gives me that cut the crap lady look

Me : And yeah he will have his hairs rolled in a bun like how those old princes used to do

VS : *puzzled* ohh ok and maybe you will be wearing those traditional set saree of mallus right??
Me : Obviously and I would have my hair pleated.. but wait a minute my hair isn’t that long! God I should start growing my hair long enough that I can pleat it.. God please don’t send him until then…
VS and M :   *gives the lets get out of here look*
Me : You see I want the picture to be perfect.. it would look incomplete.. but now I need to figure out on how do I get on top of the elephant so he can take me away??

VS and M : *vanishes*

Poor souls were too busy to even say that they were leaving.. well its their loss… not mine :)

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