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A bunch of nosy loosers

Ever been in a situation where the most unconcerned set of people seem to be really concerned about the whereabouts of you and why you did not get through the entrance examinations or why you didn't get placed in a so n so company and why you aren't married and if married why you haven't had kids in 3 months??? and if you have kids then... I guess why you haven't bought a house for yourself?? and then why you couldn’t get admissions in so-n-so school... and then why your kids didn't get through the entrance examinations and its a never ending list and always forms a vicious circle.

Being single at the age where my friends are giving birth to kids has been the woes of my relatives and not so close friends of mine. Given below are the excerpts from a few maddening entertaining conversation with the best of my list of well wishers!!!

Ms A was someone who once cribbed about how she used to get irritated at the way people keep questioning her marital status. How insensible people can get and how they can't mind their own business :-)

Ms A : Hey, long time no see wazzup with ya?
Me    : Hi, yeah hows you?? (when have we been such great friends for u to miss me soo much??)
Ms A: Am doing fine, doing great!! getting married soon
Me   : Oh great man!! congratulations!!! who's the guy and when the D day??
Ms A : (After feeding me on the minutest details of her forthcoming fortune she finally asks )
          So are you still planning to climb up your career graph and stay single?? Why don't you get married girl??
Me    : Well.... who says am not married yet?? am already married to my profession ;-)
Ms A :  Nice, hey I gtg now, need todo my wedding shopping!!!
Me : Bye (get lost you hypocrite)

Uncle V paid a visit to my home when I was on vacation. One of  the top listers in my black book of bad people, I hated him to the core. But Mamma dear doesn't approve of me from pouring out my inexorable  love on him. Now that he was a guest and since my family is known for our hospitality I made him a cup of tea, and went ahead to serve him with a few assortments.

Uncle V : God bless  you my child, everybody should have a daughter like you
Me        : :) (Shut up you liar bum)
Uncle V : I will find a nice groom for you, girls like you only deserves the BEST
Me        : flashes a shy smile (of course I deserve only the BEST)

A few hours post the incident I was phoned and informed by a cousin that Uncle V was visiting his house and he mentioned something like ... Meety's having a boyfriend in Hyderabad, and thats the reason why she isn't married yet. Her mother should have seen it coming know?? sending single daughters out of state to earn money.. let her suffer for her doings.. Hmmph had Amma let me do what I wanted to do when I saw him in the morning!!

Then there was this lovely friend of mine who was soo soo concerned for me... Here the link to a post by my friend, this was based on that last conversation that I had with that special friend.

And last but not the least.. a relative??? of mine who seem to have promised himself to shoot me off with questions based on my marriage...

SP : Hi
Me : Hi
SP  : I'm so n so person who is so n so's cousin... I don't remember meeting you but saw all my cousins in our mutual friends list
Me : Yeah I checked with one of my cousins before adding you
SP : So, are you married???
Me :  not yet... am not in a hurry at all  :)

2 Weeks later

SP  : Hi
Me : Hi
after all the formal exchange of queries related to health wealth and happiness
SP  : I've been going through your pictures, you seem to be gaining more n more with every recent pic
Me : Yeah unable to keep a check on my food intake
SP  : You have a boyfriend??
Me : No, Y?
SP : Well in that case you better keep a check on your weight... if you keep gaining at this rate then it'll be hard for you to get married
Me : Oh Thank you soo much for your concern, but don't expect me to get into size zero for a prospective groom  when I don't really know if he wants me round, seize zero or obese.

After a weeks time

SP : Hey, hello
Me : Hi (grrrrrrrrrr)
SP : So late?? whats cooking??
Me : nm (now that u pinged me its my brain thats cooking)
SP : Chatting with your boyfriend???
Me : 'Boys' who are 'friends' (haven't you asked about my boyfriend before??)
SP : So marriage vallathum??
Me : No (#$%^& hey wait a minute I can't keep letting him talk to me like this... let me get the better of him)
Me : Can I ask you something??
SP : Shoot
Me : Did anybody from our family tell u that in case I don get married in nother 1 months time, then u'll have to marry me??
SP : what?? I don't understand
Me : I repeat :) Did anybody from our family tell u that in case I don get married in nother 1 months time, then u'll have to marry me??
SP : No y??
Me : Well I couldn't think of any other reason for ur curiosity around my marriage
SP : ha ha ha
Me : hee hee hee

It might've been a little rude, but that will keep me away from his irritating thesis related to my marriage.

For once... why don't people mind their own business?????

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Ugri said...

So Dhi! When are you getting married?

But seriously, I've encountered ppl where their primary agenda is to advise people to get married.
I wish i could kill such ppl! Grrrrrr!!!


$$ said...

Oh...such are universal specimens! u will find them where ever u go!

Anonymous said...

Well said sim.. :)
-- Bablu

prasad said...

eNjoi d CONCERNS of all ur WELLWISHERS..
no escape..
good luck!

Neena Sharma said...

You may crib all u like, but u can't face the concerns of well-wishers. Being a single woman is a stigma. Period!
Hey drop in at my site if you like.

Sigma said...

@Prasad : Enjoy!! while you can
@Neena : Dropped by and liked your site!! but couldn't drop a comment,and yes, being a single woman is indeed a Stigma :-|

Bikramjit said...

he he heh I dont know if i shud laugh or what .. this is funny too..
People are so inquisitive.. they have to have say in anything they seee. I mean what is someones problem if u get married or not ...

I get the line .. TIME Se hona chahiye.. time nikal gaya to .. what do they mean by time is there a particular period between which people have ot get married

Anyway keep cool and chillax .. this will continue for a long logn time so best is ignore it :)


Sigma said...

@Bikram : Yeah.. chillax but at times.. they really get into my nerves.. though most of the time I try to keep my cool :)

Varun said...

You should probably look for an onsite. People outside India doesn't seem to be so worried about marriage.. In fact you get to see people at your Grandfather's or Grandmother's age going out on a date.Nobody cares

Sigma said...

@Varun : Good idea.. will consider that option soon :)