Thursday, June 10, 2010 | By: Meety

Waking up

She opened her eyes and looked down.. he was there.. as always lying on her stomach... sleeping like a child.. but she was the child amongst the two and it was he who bought out the child in her.
She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled to herself as she watched his head rising up and down in rhythm with her breathing. Slowly she moved his head down from her stomach so she could get up.. he slowly  moved up and hugged her tight, fluttered his lashes and lovingly looked at her through the windows of his soul. They laid there for sometime... lost in each other.. as always.. and then they kissed each other and rose with the rising sun.

3 Thought(s):

Ugri said...

Awesome Dhi!!!

Now I'm missing someone huhhh!!!! ;-)

Luv ya!

prasad said...

dream him while alone..
find him while dream..
hold him while find..
conflate him while hold..

Sigma said...

@Ugri : Go home and hug that someone :)
@Prasad : gee.. sounds good.. but I don't want to conflate him plz ;-)