Thursday, July 28, 2011 | By: Meety

Can't wait

Can't wait to see that cheerful face,
can't wait to hear that chirpy voice
can't wait to to see those anxious eyes
and hold you tight!! until I sigh

Can't wait to feel your curly hair
and mess it up until you mother stares
can't wait to hear your little stories
and all the cute animations that you put in

Can't wait to hold those tiny fingers
or run around the house till we're thrown outside
can't wait to get wet in the rain with you
God am dying out here to just be with you

P.S : Am going home tonight!! will be meeting my lil niece after two long months!!!
        and the pic was taken during her first ever Auto trip.. and man she loved it :-)

6 Thought(s):

Ugri said...

God i miss her too...
give a tight hug from me as well.

Ugri said...

btw Dhi, imagined all that you wrote. how very true.. lolllll

Ugri said...

The template is awesome.. i'm loving it the more i see it :-)

Insignia said...

She is cute angel. Your template is so mushy mushy :-P

Your verse sums it up :)

$$ said...

enjoy maaadi @ home, sweet home!

Meety said...

@Ugri : Your tight hug has been delivered... and glad you loved the template :)
@Insignia : Thanks.. and yes.. it did take me more than a weeks browsing to get something what I had in mind ;-)
@Shalu : Enjoyed to the core darling