Thursday, January 21, 2010 | By: Meety

A little attitude

I must say at times I end up showing a little attitude to the wrong person.Here's a small description of one such small incident :-)

Who ever's been in hyd would be well aware of the Shared Rickshaw system we have here... the cheapest means of transport in hyd.. As any otherr s/w professionals in Hi tec city.. even I prefer shared Ricks as my means to commute to office.. As usual I was waiting outside Shilpa Park waiting for a shared Rick to pass by. Being the peak hour for the one's of my crowd.. almost every rick that passed  by was full..

Finally after waiting for 5 minutes I saw one rick pass by. I thanked my stars as the rick stopped even before I waved for it. As I walked towards it and asked "Bhaiyya Cyber Towers??" he stared back at me and signalled me to get in. As I jumped in I noticed the other occupant wore a genpact tag and was trying to be friendly. As usual I was full of airs.. huh.. why should I talk to this stranger and I stared outside waiting for my destination to arrive.

As the Rick reached Cyber Towers, I asked the Rickshaw wala to stop, that's when the person besides me started talking
He : "You are heading for Cyber Gateways right?? This rick is headed for the same place you may get down over there"

Me : Oh.. okie... eh.. excuse me but.. I never knew we get shared Ricks which goes all the way to CGW
He : Eh.. well.. actually, I gave my car for repair and took a straight Rick to office.. I saw you on the way and since we were heading for the same place.. I asked the rickshaw wala to stop by.

I was left with no words. Here is someone.. whom I didn't even know (and am sure even he wouldn't be knowing me) who was trying to help me and I was being nasty and showing attitude forget about being nice to him.

Me : Ah.. well.. he stopped and when I asked him CTW.. he said yes.. and I thought it was a shared rick.. really sorry.. I didn't realize that/.. am really sorry didn't mean to offend you or something.. you see the thing is.. I'm such an introvert... (well I had to say that to save my face)

He : hey thats ok.. its absolutely fine..  thought so when you got in and didn't acknowledge :-)
Me : Ah.. by the way I'm Sigma.. nice to meet you
He : Yea I know.. my name is ...... :)

I was all smiles to all the strangers who passed by me in the cafeteria that day. Some would have found it odd. But that was all I could do to make up for being so nasty... earlier that day . cuz am not usually that bad to people.. Ask anyone who works in my floor.. I always give a smile to anyone who passes by. and thats why I said.. at times.. I show wrong attitude to wrong people...