Wednesday, January 6, 2010 | By: Meety


Just back from a month long vacation and you can guess how it feels to be on your own when you've spent one whole month with your family. As usual I was lying on my bed and my mind was running images of how it would have been had I not come back. Must've have been playing with my lil niece or pulling a gag at my Sis along with my BIL :) hugging Mamma tight and fall into deep slumber feeling secured and protected....

As my thoughts kept wandering, I realized what I was missing the most. I needn't talk about my Mom's culinery skills to those friends of mine who has been blessed enough to have her food. To the remaining unfortunate one's.. am sorry you are missing some real good food in your life :P . I couldn't help but think about those wonderful delicacies I had...and how I miss them :(

Mom, come to me.. and cook something.. anything... am yearning for it..
The Yummy food which my Mummy makes which is best suited for my ever hungry Tummy  :)

P.S. Mom its not just for the love for your food.. I want you here cuz your presence makes the darkest of my days bright :*

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$$ said...

I have had almost all delicacies of aunt; oh.. how amazingly she cooks! Writing this, I am reminded of the delicious and yummiest pal-payasam she makes! Even i miss her!


Athresh said...

I still remember the day I made you and aunty wait all day for the onam sadya!! and I did not even turn up,for I was snoring in bed.The next day when I came I realised why her food tastes so good. Anyone else would have been mad at me for what I did,but I was welcomed inside with the most endearing smile and affection. And the food I need not say about, for the real taste comes from the heart of the person who makes it. I wonder how you manage to stay away from home for so long.