Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | By: Meety

The Spark in my eyes

Being myself is something which I've missed over the past few years. Life in the corporate world has played its part in tranforming myself into a new me.. Someone whom I don't recognize anymore. Every night as I wish myself good night.. though I get a sweet smile in return..I see something missing....and  I saw that special something right now.. right here ... and I wish and hope I could keep it with me.. forever like before...

Thank You Sree and Shalu!! the 2 of the most blessed gifts God ever gifted me with! A few hours is all that I got.. but it was worth it all.. thats all it took to bring back the sparkle in my eyes. I must say..  I need to meet you guys more often than before... cuz its very much needed to get me back to myself.. to get back the sparkle in my eyes :) Love you always!!!

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$$ said...

Being with this gal is like going back to childhood; and I absolutely love that! :)

...n it was lovely to be with two of my best best best friends after so so sooo long!