Friday, May 7, 2010 | By: Meety

I Wish

I wish I could hold your hands and feel the need to be yours.

I wish I could sink into those oh so deep eyes of yours
I wish I could spend the entire day just listening to the soulful voice of yours

I wish I could go to the beach tonight with you
Lie down on the sand and stargaze with you
I wish I could stay the whole night awake with you
Fly up to the moon and watch the earth with you

I wish you could hear all that I want to say
I wish this distance between us would disappear some day
I wish you would come along n whisper that forever with me you will stay

8 Thought(s):

The Devil's Workshop said...

The hidden poet nw comes out!! daily a new sig is blooming!! Global warming i guess ;-)

I pray that ur wishes come true!!

et said...

And that's how we talk of the deepest thoughts in the simplest words! :)
Also, loved your selection of template!

Sigma said...

@Aadi : As I said earlier.. rediscovering myself :P but this comes from 1 of the most romantic weathers that hyd had ever seen.. man it was a blessed day in hyd yest

@et : Thank You soo much :)

Ashi said...

Its beautiful...Loved the layout and design...Great work dear..

$$ said...

Oh Lovely....!!!!

Sigma said...

@Ashi n Shal : Thank you soo much :)

prasad said...

nice n imaginative narration of wishes in a few lines.. outstanding display...congrats!!

Sigma said...

@Prasad : Thanks!!!