Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | By: Meety

Office Stationery to the rescue

It was just another lousy weekday morning. To add on to the misery,  I missed my cab as well. After bargaining enough with the money minting Rickshaw wala's I finally got myself a good deal and jumped into the rick before I ended up melting in the hyderabadi heat.

As I reached my office I was excited to see a friend at the gate. 'Hi!!!' I said and jumped out in a hurry... 'Hi!!' she said followed by a RRRRIIIIP sound and there goes my slit up 2 inches above the required level. The rickshaw wala looked up and said 'tumhaara kurta phata hai' (as if I didn't know).  With an embarassing grin I looked back at my friend who was gaping at my new stylish avatar. With a meeting in another 15 minutes I knew i didn't have the time to go back and change and come. Moreover the kind of people I get to deal with I was sure even a near death accident narration would stop them from pointing fingers at me for missing such a worthless important meeting.

I covered the extra lenght of the slit with my handbag and rushed up to the floor probing my already disturbed mind as to how to cover my modesty. An idea struck me and as they say an Idea can change lives; well this idea save my day if not change my life :) Back in the ladies room I sent my draw keyes to my friend through a colleague and asked me friend to get the rusting peice of stationary for me. She bought it, the hardly 100 bucks peice seemed a millions dollars worth to me at that moment. I took the precious peice of metal and plastic in my arms and started working on the fixes that I intended to do, though I wasn't sure if the end product would be what I had desired.....

I fipped my kurta over and and stapled my way up the loose stitches and created like a perfect line of stitches running through the garment with the perfect finish that would put even Ritu Kumar to shame. Viola!!! in another 5 minutes time I was standing there right in front of the mirror staring back at the cute girl in her cute kurta, slits in place with a perfect fit. With a smile and 7 minutes in hand, I hurried over my touch ups and rushed to the meeting room right on time.

So people, though office stationeries are the least used items in the current era of "soft copies", I would ask you to keep these aside so that you can put them to better use in such crunch situations.

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Anonymous said...

U proved it once again..
If there is a will, there is a way !!!
Innovation @ itz very best.. ;)

Athresh said...

Every time u miss ur cab somethin interestin happens!! hopin u miss many more ;-)

So the designer sigma comes out...keep digging,am sure deers many more talents hidden inside u!! :-)

Jai Sigma!!

Sigma said...

@Anonymous : hee yeah there is always a way out of anything.. the only thing that you need to do is not to lose hope
@Aadi : Yor are right.. good observation.. even I never noticed that.. so next time I miss my cab am sure am upto something :)

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

what happeend at the meeting though... he he he

Loved reading this article... Yeah and people who think on there feet and DO something about it usually go far up in life.. So all the best :)

Meety said...

@Bikram : Thank you soo much!!!

Rory Fugerson said...
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