Tuesday, May 25, 2010 | By: Meety


She winced as she stared back at the wound.. still bleeding . It might leave a scar a very ugly scar!! Oh! how will you live with it my dear??
She smiled back, I do not really know but I know I have to live with it, I only hope it fades with time

She's always loved her smile, there was something calm and soothing about it. It was like a blissful showers on those cruel summer days. How could she smile like that with something so painfully grotesque??  If only she could do something to help her. She'd always been there when she needed her. with that sunshine of a smile which always gave her all the strength that she needs. through all time.... celebrated her triumphs with her, brooded all her worries with her, buried all her secrets in her, and even when she ignored her, always stood there waiting for her.

If only I could do something, I've never ever done anything for her. I've always been selfish and jealous of her, her smile, her serenity, her loyalty. I always felt distraught that she was what I've always wanted to be and never ever could be. Will you be able to hide it from others?? I just hope it fades with time

She smiled her invincible smile : If I could hide it from you all this while then why not others?? You were with me all the while and you never knew until I showed you... I was within you, a part of you and you never knew.. Why don't you understand my dear that you are me and I'm you???

She stared back at the scar... and now she felt the pain... so rightfully hers... If only she had felt it earlier she could have stopped it from growing so deep gnawing onto her thinning soul...She had been busy chasing on those wordly pleasures .. not even once did she think about her And then She knew... that the pain would finally race away and the scar would finally fade away...   now that she finally knows...

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Anonymous said...

it doesnt matter hw a person luks..
wat counts is wat cms outta a person's heart.. ;)
n beauty is jus a perpetual experience of pleasure...

Athresh said...

Philosophy!! My dear siggy ur thinking too much, at this rate u ll become crazy like me ;-)

I guess both the SHEs r A SHE,and at times it best 2 imagine the one as two, cos there cant b a better friend than oneself!! Just my interpretation,dunno if its right.
Sometimes the scars dont go away, but the become a fading memory,that ll bring a smile on ur face,reminding us how silly we were!!

Sigma said...

@Anonymous : Well the mentioned conversation was infact between the wounded soul and the person herself.. and when the soul is hurt.. its very hard for the body to move on :) I know looks doesn't matter but the pain does matter a lot..

@Aadi : You are soo right my dear.. and yeah got phylosophical yest.. but don't you worry.. mez back to my crazy self today :P

Varun said...

Went two miles above my head .. Aristotly in the making ? ;)

prasad said...

listen her advice..
obey her commands..
argue her controversies..
ink her thoughts..
hold her close to heart n b what u r ever n ever..

Sigma said...

@Prasad : Wow that was a nice one.. if u do blog do leave ur blog details the next time u visit my profile :)
@Varun : I can b part time Aristotle

prasad said...

sorry sig..am lazy enough to do a blog / write more than 4 lines
b rt ther in d rm of critic n thoughts..
thanq :)