Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | By: Meety

She made my day

All through these years I've know a lot of people who waste their entire life chasing happiness and setting goals which would make them happy. Is happiness something which can be defined or do you think it can be  achieved when a certain someone comes to your life or a certain something happens in your life?? There were times when people asked me What makes you happy?? well actually I don't really have an definite answer for that.. my happiness do not have a predefined set of rules.. I'm someone who finds joy in the minutest of things.. sometimes something happen and I feel happy...  it might come across as a silly things to others.. but being so I have had my fair share to feel happy every now and then :)

Enough of boring philosophies and lets get to the point. Aadi if you are reading this.. today I missed my cab and something nice and sweet happened :) . As you said something's really got to do with me missing my cabs. Hey lemme just fast forward the set of events and make it short and sweet just like the experience. I walked past the security gate and went through the usual security checks and headed for my building. The security lady came running behind and stopped me. Then she was like 'Madam can you get me any old handbag of yours if you can??'  I didn't even think twice before I said 'Sure, but why old?? why not new??' It is impossible for me to put down into words what exactly I felt that moment.

Our interactions were always restricted to a  smile and a usual Good Afternoon wish which is at times followed by a 'Had your lunch??' question. We don't even know each others names.. even now..  I felt so good that inspite of the lack of a deep friendship, she did feel close enough to ask me a favor. I felt like somwhere deep down she considered me as a friend and I always feel good when I make friends!!
So this weekend I will shop for a nice bag for the lady and maybe I might write another post on how good I felt when I gave her that bag and yeah now that we are friends... it is a shame not to know each others name so I will definitely close that loop as well :)

So bye for now and have a great day guys!!

6 Thought(s):

Aadi said...

Just as expected from u!! I remember u buyin chocobars 4 da kids when we went 2 central once.
n the contract staff @ genpact r so gud. I still remember the ever smiling security guy with whom I used 2 have nice lil conversations.

Keep the angel in u growing!! Waitin 2 c u wit a halo n wings nxt time :D

n yeah!! do miss the cab often!!

prasad said...

spread happines thru gud write ups.. :)

$$ said...

That is so very much u, stigs! :)

Sigma said...

@Aadi : Darling this lady is part of Cyber Gateways security team not Genpact.. but still I like her :)
@Prasad : Thanks
@Shalu : >:D<

rakhin said...

Lil happiness of life.. U certainly have a point in here.. Being happy is not all about the success and how much money u make..

Sigma said...

@Rakhin : you said it right pal.. and I did find a whole lot of happiness in the eerie, adventurous neighbourhood odysseys that we've been having off late :P Thanks a ton!!!