Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | By: Meety

I shall grow my brows ;-)

For the past few months I have been teased and linked with a Mr X at my work place. 
During the initial days although we used to tease Ms Y with Mr X, for her keen observation, come on, how can you notice someone's been looking at just one person, without you observing him so close?? She finally chose another person for herself and left me with Mr X.  I was neither happy nor sad with that but I must admit all of us had been having quite a lot of fun over it.

So finally after these many days of fun, we just came to know that our lucky Mr X, will not be seen in the floor for another few months as he was going away for awhile.

The drama queen in me jumped into action "I'm gonna miss him sooo much " (Followed with a very sad expression in my face ;-)) They were pretty shocked at it.. one of them the most innocent in the lot panicked. "We were just teasing; you aren't taking it seriously are you?" I said with a more serious tone in my voice "It must be a joke for you but not for me.. the other day I happened to look into his eyes and I had butterflies in my heart " Having said that I had to rush out from the place and find a safe place where I could laugh out. Good lord I couldn't believe I could deliver such oh so romantic lines.. lol

As I continued to torture the people around me, one of my witty friends quipped, "If you were a guy you could've grown a stubble to get the Devdas look" to which I replied "Not a problem babes, You see, While guys look shabby when they don't shave, girls look the same when they don't thread, so I might as well grow my eye brows and not thread my brows until my hero(lol) is back to let him know how heart broken I were in his absence.. " sniff sniff

FYI: I'm planning to get my eye brows done this friday while my beloved will be busy settling down in the new place.. Ah! how I miss you dahlin!!   ;-)

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$$ said...

Hahaha.... Hilarious Devdasi...!! :) :)

Man, u shud be working in B'lore, at Intel, in the next cube! What fun we would have! :) :)

The Devil's Workshop said...

Shalini, that was outrageous!! Sig, she called u devdasi :-o!!! :P
by the by the by, Intel pootikaan aano udesham??

Nice post, but since i have certain ORDERS, I control myself (its really hard though :( )

Sigma said...

@Shal : Don't you think it wd b extremely dangerous for the people around us if it were to be?
@Aaddi : Good boy lol

Divya said...

I am sure someone is prayin, the person gets back as soon as possible but trust me, we are all prayin harder for two reasons. One, this overflowin "lou" is quite touchin..we are crying(literally!) and cant bear it any further. Two, we love your parlour lady.

Sigma said...

Oh yeah.. I'm praying hard.. Jz can't live without him.. My "Lou" for him will never cease..lol.. bwn I was wondering if I shd change my caller tune to lambi judaai ... wat say Divs?? ROFL