Friday, March 19, 2010 | By: Meety

Quite a weighty issue

I will be going home in another 3 weeks time. As usual am worried about the extra baggage of fat that I've been carrying around myself which has done nothing but grow over the past few years. Its not that I'm obese or something but over the past few years I have drastically moved from an athletic built to a round couch potato.

So today we had a round table conference on the new upcoming project.
Project Weight loss
Client in question: myself and Gaj(another round friend)  :-)
As I put forth my list of business requirements, the Business analysts were ramming their brains to come up with a solution plan.
A : You know I noticed that you laugh a lot, I think that can be one of the reasons why you gained so much. I know quite a lot of people who laugh a lot and they are all very fat.. . maybe daz one of the reasons...Try not to laugh for a few days... Am sure you will lose a lot
Me : Quite a tough thing to do, forget about few days I can't even think about not laughing for the next few minutes :-) (ROFL)
B   : Drink a lot of water.. that should do the tricks...
Me : I'm already on that
C   : (The most hilarious suggestions of all) I have noticed.. that people who have a lot of jealousy in them.. grow really thin.. The jealousy within will start eating on you.. and gradually you keep losing and you start looking ill
Me : Oh!! in that case I need to start getting jealous... quite a simple solution. I just need to stop feeling jealous when I slim down to a desirable level... ;-)

On our way back to our seat me n Gaj was busy discussing on how to get our project into action.. At any cost we need to meet the deadline of 3 weeks time.  We need to find a target to concentrate our jealousy on. We ruled out all our friends from the list, as we were worried if jealousy might leave some drushti on our sweet and caring friends.

Here is a portion of a conversation we had after we got back to our seats :-)

Gaj: heroine I got jealous

Gaj: I went to nishi and I got jealous and came back

Gaj: U know Nishi and her husband both are under Viru sir he is their coach

Me: oh cool

Me: but he is not that great a coach

Me: so u need not be J

Gaj: now nishi's husband will get jealous as he is not good like her and Viru sir will give more importance to her than him

Me: rofl

Me: right

Me: and he will lose all the wt

Gaj:  so now we should be jealous of him
Me: rofl, bwn even I just got J when Ramz said she'd be joining swimming classes
Gaj: Oh
Me : Yeah you know what? its really working, I'm burning with jealousy and the heat is burning the extra calories.. am sweating already !! I sure am growing thin ROFL
Gaj : too much!! lol
Jokes apart, I'm in a serious mission to burn a few calories before I run into my Mamma's arms as I know when I hug her, she's sure to feel and measure the thickness of the amount of fat that has deposited around me since my previous visit!

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Anonymous said...

lol... that was fun... But you know what to do :)


$$ said...

HAhaha.... hilarious! :)
Anyways, the justification is good!

Anonymous said...

That was amazing.. :)

The Devil's Workshop said...

This is really really funny!! In that case I was the most jealous guy in college i guess!! But am sure its all gonna get wasted once u reach home!!

Sigma said...

@Aadi : Now I know ur true colours.. lol
@Joe : Thanks buddy
@Shal : :o)
@Amal : Well I've seriously started working on i

sawan said...

u can get J on me. il tel u the reason wen we talk :P

Sigma said...

grrrrr... I will continue to be J until u get me my share....

Diwakar Sinha said...

good luck for your project!

Sigma said...

@Diwakar Sinha : Thanks.. I need all the luck in the world :)