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Happy Women's Day

On this special occasion on women's day I would like to write a few words on all the wonderful and outstanding women in my life in the order in which they stepped into my life

P.S. : A looooong post ahead....

God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers
Believe it or not but the above Jewish proverb holds true in my life. My mother, the most beautiful woman in my life is no less than God to me. I've always been anything but proud to have her in my life. Mom you really don't know how much I adore you and the things you do for me without expecting anything in return. Mom, all my life I've been trying to be like you, and I know how hard it is to be so patient, so forgiving and so full of love. Today on women's day I ask for nothing but your happiness and you know I'm striving hard for it. Mom I love you so much and I owe you my entire life and I will lay my life for you if I have to.

An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too. 
Oh yes my sister is all of this and more. Someone who always found me pretty even when I'm just back from my sports practice tanned and dirty.Someone who's kept her happiness beyond mine. How many a times had she sacrificed the best dress, or the best piece of chicken ;-) just to see me happy. Someone who decides to go shopping for herself and ends up buying stuffs for her sisters and forgets to get one for herself. Someone who's my worst critic.. lol how I hate it when she tell me I look fat in that top when others would have passed a nod :-) Though I agree I feel disappointed, I know I can trust you to choose only the best for me. So today Echi, I want you to fill your heart with joy and look out to the world  and see yourself wrappedin a blanket of happiness, cuz if you see it in your eyes, I'm sure you can hold it in your hands.

Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.

Yes baby mine, thats all I got to tell you on Women's day. Though your entry into my life was filled with jealousy and insecurities, the bubbly little baby with beautiful smile and lovely eyes just drained the insecurities out of my heart. I learned to share with all my heart. If not for you I wouldn't have known how much Echi felt for me, cuz I know it is just like what I feel for you. So now I wish my little girl good luck in your studies and grow up to be a wonderful and respectful woman.

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.

Oh yes Shalini, I'm pretty sure you expected me to mention you in this post darling!! How can I talk about the most important women in my life and not mention you?? I would like to make this short, as I'm planning for a future post which would be all yours, so baby I just want you to know that I need no other friend in my life as long as you stick to me as always. We've been together for more than a decade and neither distance, not time has done any damage to the amazing comfort zone that we share with each other and I know its going to be the same forever. Love ya loads muuuuuuuah

You’re more like a sister than a sister-in-law, we’re as close as two friends can be. I want you to know, this comes from the heart, how much you mean to me.
No words can explain what this pretty lady bought to our lives. She is the thread that joins the entire family. The patient soul who always takes pain and gives love in return. One lady who made me realize how important it is to express your love for your loved one's. Someone who jumps with excitement just at the sight of an sms or a call from me. Someone who's always amused me and keeps me wondering if am I worth all the love she has for me.. So jambloozie Edthu pie!! on women's day I wish you good health and the strength to overcome all the hurdles in life.  oink oink ;-)

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth..
Sajini Mathew: My mentor in the new organization. We started off with a mentor-mentee relationship and I never expected it to end up in such deep a friendship. One person who actually shouts at me on top of her voice.. lol  "Sigma! What have you done to yourself???" even it is something like that I never feel bad or sad or angry when she shouts .. lol Be it a bad haircut, a clumsy piece of code or a nice shirt, I know I look my best when she tells me you're looking good. I know I'm looking awful when she tells me .. Genie, I just want you to stay the same bubbly self and keep smiling!!! Cuz I just LOVE your smile :-)

A friend loves at all times:
She's one woman who has been with me no matter what. I know I've hurt you quite a lot. Though I was not always there for you, I know you are there when I need you no matter what time it is. On women's day I apologize for being the దయ్యం  (:-) see I wrote in telugu for you )I was.. I apologize for each time I hurt you and promise you I'll try my best to be the best for you :-) Even though I get angry at times, really really love you with all my heart Ugri.. Thanks for being what you are to me.

Last but not the least...

A true friend is someone who knows there's something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face. Bloody hell Dipinni I alwaya hated it when you ask me whats wrong when am laughing loud at someone joke's while I was crying within. I know you adore me a lot and I still haven't figured out why. But I must confess I feel so good when you keep telling me how much you love me. I'm not the kind who's so frequent at expressing my love, but I guess by now you already know I do really love and respect you a lot. On women's day I request you to focus all your attentions on the good things in life and not to feel low ever.. cuz though I don't tell you always, it hurts to see you hurt  >>:D<<

Well I sure hope for the list to grow bigger and bigger with more and more wonderful people who would join me in this wonderful journey called Life!!!

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The Devil's Workshop said...

Same pinch siggy dear!!!
gud choice of pics too...each pic says a lot bout the person.

Sajini George said...

Sigma is forcing me leave a comment. And I am thinking should I yell at her again.. She has already made it public that I yell at her.
So even if I scream, no one's gonna say anything.
Well Sigma I know i yelled at you, but more than yelling i think enjoyed looking at that guy who used turn his head every time I did that. That was really funny and made me smile.

You know I never meant yelling at you in a bad way it was for your good and I can always be my self with you and you wont feel bad neither will I have to take a guilt trip.

Divya said...

Knowing the senti me, you must have guessed by now that am all touched n moist-eyed! Thank you for this wonderful gift on this special day! Even if you hadnt expressed it, my love for you will always remain the same and it will keep growing, for, this one is for keeps! Love you so so much!

Ramya said...

Muaaahhhhh!!!!! Dhiiii!!!!

First of all! What a post!!!
This would be you best post till date.

You dont have to be sorry for anything dhi.. I know you love me no matter what, so dont ever think that you hurt me.

You r not are angel, my dhi.. muah!

Wish you also a very Happy Women's Day!

Sigma said...

@Aaddi : Thanks Aadi... Wish you were a woman.. I really wanted to include you in this post let me know if there's a Men's day so I can write a post for u ;-)
@Ramya : Thanks budddy
@Sajini: LOL there you go.. somehow I knew you would let the others know I forced u to comment and I really loved it whenever you yelled at me.. :-) gives me a feeling you consider me as yours..
@Dipinni : Aah yes.. I know.. that you loves me a lot (plz envision the flutter-eye expression of mine :P)

Divya said...

Plus, the look that says you are worthy of it! Rofl!

Sigma said...

Well I knew I didn't have to mention that rofl

Sigma said...

@Ramz u sure me no dayyam??? if not praise the dayyam in me plz don't insult the angels up in heaven.. they might disown u.. lol muah

$$ said...

Oh Stigs...

Lovely!!! :) How I loved it, I am moved.. I am touched and I am on top of the world, reading this!

Love u loads and loads and loads!

Sigma said...

@Shalu : muaaaaaaaaah

Sismi said...

Meetz I really dont know what to type..... you have told us something that you never said all your life. I never knew you had treasured so deep in your heart all those little moments that we had. Thanks a lot meetz for loving all of us so much and thanks to whoever made this so called "Womens Day". Because if not for this day we would have never known how you felt for each one of us. Love you lots sis.mmmwuah..... And looking forward for the next WOMENS DAY!!!!!!

sayoomi said...

thank you very very much know im very bad at writing all this...but i must say u did a very cute thing for all of us...i love you sooooo so glad god gave me such wonderful sisters...thank you god!

Sigma said...

@Echi : :D Well some memories leave a permanent mark in your heart and its pretty hard to get rid of it .. u know ;-)

@P2 : Oh yes u ought to Thank God for blessing you with the 2 of the greatest sisters in the world.. lol muah