Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | By: Meety

A friend for all seasons

Beep beep went her mobile and she stirred in her bed... her lazy hands were searching for her phone.. her half open eyes strained to read the message she just received..

It read
"I know your lazy hands are trying to pick d cell and ur half open eyes are trying to read the message.. Good Morning My Sweet lazy friend getup and please make sure you have your breakfast !"

She smiled.. who else knew her more than him.. her friend for all seasons.. He has always been there, be it the joyful summers, the rejuvenative springs, the melancholic autumn or the lonely winters.
As she woke up and looked at the rising sun she teased him "Don't you envy me for being blessed with such a wonderful friend??"

6 Thought(s):

Athresh said...

Wow!! Its just a simple sentence but so true and sincere,just like a friend!! And the title suits u perfectly!! U sure r a friend for all seasons!!

$$ said...

I second Athresh! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I dont think by the title 'A friend for all seasons' you meant urslf..But whoever you meant, you r lucky to have him.. Lolz.. ;)
- Bablu

Sigma said...

@Aadi n Shal : That was not about me.. but then good to know u both consider me as a friend for all seasons :-)

@Babs : Yeah very much!

Anonymous said...

lucky you dhi.. for having such a nice friend!
God bless you with many more friends like him :)


Sigma said...

@Uggi : Love ya sweets!!!