Monday, March 15, 2010 | By: Meety

Arm chair

Just another day in office. Due to some port issues a colleague was asked to sit in another location. Since madam was sitting quite far off, we decided to walk over and fill her up on all the nasty things she's been missing that day.

As we were puking out the entire mess ups to her I stretched my arms for an empty chair which I'd seen on my way. I tried to pull but it wouldn't move. I held the arm of the chair and tried pulling harder while laughing at a joke. The chair didn't even move a bit. As I put a firm grip on the chair I noticed it was exceptionally soft. Ooh nice chair! Wish I had one of these at my desk as well. I turned back to see if it looked as nice as it felt.

To my horror I saw that what I thought to be a chairs arm was in fact a guy’s arm which was resting over the chairs arm. Yikes! I was petrified. I just hoped and prayed that mother earth would open up right there and swallow me exactly like how she swallowed Sita devi. Without having the courage to even apologize I tiptoed out of the bay and back to my seat praying that I never ever end up in front of that guy for the rest of my life.

Of course later I was double up with laughter as I narrated the "Oh such a nice chair" episode to my friends. Lessons learnt?? well... not any .. any suggestions??

2 Thought(s):

Athresh said...

How I wish u had sat on it dear!!! wud have been soo much fun!!!

Wonder hw such things always happens to u.. wish I was u ;-)

Expecting many more incidents like dis. sure lights up my mood reading it.
P.S: U r improving with every post!!! Keep goin!!

Sigma said...

@Aadi : Even I wonder how its only me who ends up in all such situations.. more hilarious things had happened in the past.. but I sort of 4got those.. wil keep posting as and when I remember :D and mind u.. its not that ez being me :P