Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | By: Meety

Mute listener

She picked up the phone but didn't utter a word. After 1 minute which seemed almost like an hour for me I tried to break the silence
Me : Hello, were you sleeping?
S   : No... I was just... I could hear silent sobs at the other end.  I knew it, that man has hurt her again, as always
Me : What is it this time?
S   : I don't really know, I asked him something, I didn't shout. I asked him so politely and he burst out on me
Me : ... ...
S   : I have a sincere advice to you, please please pray to God and see to it that you get married to someone who understands you and someone whom you understand. This is all that matters in a relationship. I swear, no money, no job matters as much . My guy has all the money in the world and he has the best job I can boast on, but when it comes to my relationship its a BIG failure.
Me : hmm.. 
S   : Just a little bit of love, daz all I ask for. I don't want him to shower me with money, I don't mind if we live in a small house.. as long as he understands me, as long as he loves me.
Me : He loves you, I can vouch on that
S   : What is the use? He has never ever made me feel so... if not always once in a while can't he show a lil bit of love? I feel am nothing but a maid in this BIG house, someone to do the dishes, someone to cook, wash clothes..
Me :  Thats not true and you know that.. just try talking to him and let him know that this is what matters
S   : As though he would understand
Me : There's no harm in trying..
S   : .Daz right.. Will talk to him tom, let me try and catch some sleep now..bye,  take care dear, and remember, its the person that matters the most in marriage than money or status
Me : I know bye.. Plz take care will call u tom

A tiny droplet of tear trickled down my cheeks and fell on the bed, I watched it as it slowly spread over the sheet and finally disappeared. How I wish her problems would vanish like that She is one of the sweetest ladies I've met in my life. Though we are generations apart, we share a special bond with each other. A special understanding for each other, a special friendship that I always treasure.

Life is so unfair. All that she wanted from her man was a little bit of love, but he showered her with everything but love.  She has spent her entire life giving love to everyone around her without expecting anything in return. For the first time, when she sets her expectations, why is it that it is not met ??? Why is it that its always the good people who has to be at the receiving end? ? I'm so so disappointed when I see genuinely good people go through such agonies in life :( 

I wish I could do something... but all I did was be a mute listener as that was what she always wanted me to be.

4 Thought(s):

$$ said...

Oops, whoever she is... I feel really sorry for her.
However, I would love to believe that this post is just a story and has not happened to somebody who is dear to you!

Sigma said...

Its not jz a story Shal :-|

Anonymous said...

Sigma, This is a good piece of work... Appreciate it.
A marriage is nothing but an understanding. A crack occurs when both are at fault (100 %)
When i read it it occurred to me that she is not willing to study or understand his needs. ("S : As though he would understand" ) Probably everything would be fine if they both work on this.

Sigma said...

@Anonymous: You've got a point there :-) Thanks